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CNN Top Stories
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March 27, 2023

Crowds filled the streets of Tel Aviv after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired his defense minister over his opposition to a planned judicial overhaul
... click to read more

Protesters lit several fires on the main highway in Tel Aviv,, partly obscuring some of the city's skyscrapers
Massive crowds filled the streets of the Israeli city of Tel Aviv late Sunday night after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired his defense minister over his opposition to a planned judicial overhaul.... click to read more

Watch protesters flood Tel Aviv highway to protest Netanyahu
• Mass protests erupt in Israel after Netanyahu fires minister who opposed judicial overhaul • A threat to democracy or much-needed reform? Israel's judicial overhaul explained • Why American Jews are distancing themselves from Netanyahu's government • Netanyahu acted illegally by getting involved ... click to read more

A threat to democracy or much-needed reform? Israel's judicial overhaul explained
For months, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have been taking to the streets across the country to protest far-reaching changes to Israel's legal system some say threaten the country's democratic foundations.... click to read more

Why American Jews are distancing themselves from Netanyahu's government
This month, 145 American Jewish leaders publicly distanced themselves from a member of the Israeli government, saying Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich was not welcome in the United States. ... click to read more

Here's the state of California's drought after an epic winter
• EU was set to ban internal combustion engine cars. Then Germany suddenly changed its mind • Video: Graphic shows changes in global temperature since 1850 • Ski resorts in California got so much snow they're going to stay open through June... click to read more

'Extremely dangerous tornado' strikes Georgia
• Video: Drone footage shows 'pure destruction' after tornado... click to read more

Brackets shattered: Two 5 seeds, a 9 seed and a 2 seed reach NCAA men's Final Four
For the first time since 1970, there will be three schools making their first Final Four appearances at the men's NCAA Tournament following victories by No. 5 seed San Diego State University and No. 5 seed Miami on Sunday.... click to read more

Watch Dana Carvey impersonate President Biden talking about Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler is the 2023 recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. He was honored at a ceremony in Washington, DC where many of his close friends paid him tribute by poking fun at him.... click to read more

Delta passenger opens door, deploys emergency exit slide on plane at LA airport
A Delta Air Lines passenger was arrested after opening one of the plane's doors and sliding down an emergency exit slide as the plane prepared for takeoff from Los Angeles to Seattle Saturday, officials said. ... click to read more

Review: 'Succession's' season opener sets the stage for the battles to come
Well, if those two kids can't make it together, who can?... click to read more

Stunning lineup of five planets will decorate the night sky
• Scientists uncover what accelerated an interstellar comet through our solar system... click to read more

Jon Stewart: This is why Trump became popular in the first place
Comedian and television host Jon Stewart discusses the Manhattan District Attorney's possible indictment of former President Donald Trump with CNN's Fareed Zakaria.... click to read more

Daniel Radcliffe and longtime girlfriend Erin Darke expecting first child
Daniel Radcliffe and his girlfriend Erin Darke are going to be parents. ... click to read more

Opinion: Something is rotten in America
Something started changing in the United States a few years ago. One could almost taste the air of hostility that started wafting across the country. Prejudices that in the past might have been expressed in private are regularly blasted on social media. Conspiracy theories can now be heard on major... click to read more

Analysis: Trump leans into extremism at first 2024 rally as legal woes mount
Donald Trump is igniting his White House bid at a moment of unprecedented peril in the criminal investigations against him -- a confluence that could send America into a new political and legal collision.... click to read more

CNN fact checker: Trump essentially refuted his own statement
CNN's Daniel Dale corrects false claims from former President Donald Trump about the Afghanistan withdrawal, the border wall and the DOJ investigations.... click to read more

5 children among 6 killed in a car crash on an interstate in Tennessee
Six people, including five children, were killed and one woman was injured in a car crash on Interstate 24 in Tennessee early Sunday morning.... click to read more

Why customers are tipping less despite more places asking for them
More stores now offer customers the option to tip, from coffee shops to ice cream stores.... click to read more

Zipline's new delivery drone comes with cute 'droid' for precise delivery
Logistics startup Zipline unveiled its newest drone, Platform 2, and aims for precise delivery with the help of a small, tethered "droid."... click to read more

Hayden Panettiere says she coped with 'extreme hopelessness' caused by postpartum depression and drinking
Hayden Panettiere has learned a thing or two since becoming a mom. ... click to read more

Opinion: One big unknown about Trump 2024
The Platte River flows eastward through Nebraska at depths far too shallow for shipping. "In some places it is a mile wide and three-quarters of an inch deep," the writer Edgar Nye said in 1889, coining a phrase still in use.... click to read more

Officials: Lithuania will sanction Russia for its plans to station nuclear weapons in Belarus
• Analysis: Putin is scaring the world to distract from his problems • Video: Expert has theory on Putin's latest nuclear threat • England hands Ukraine defeat on emotional night at Wembley Stadium ... click to read more

See what happens after tourist's bungee jump cord snaps mid-air
The 39-year-old tourist opted for a bungee jump after being dared to by his friends. He was left with multiple injuries after the cord snapped seconds into his jump.... click to read more

What's 'digital blackface,' and why are so many White people using it?
Maybe you shared that viral video of Kimberly "Sweet Brown" Wilkins telling a reporter after narrowly escaping an apartment fire, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" ... click to read more

Opinion: As GOP governors obscure Black history, let's finally tell the truth about Marcus Garvey
Earlier this month, President Joe Biden called out the GOP for "trying to hide the truth" about Black history. While politicians like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin have described their efforts to reform education as bans on teaching critical race theory, in reality, the... click to read more

Race left out of Rosa Parks story in revised weekly lesson text for Florida schools highlights confusion with Florida law
Studies Weekly, a publisher that provides educational periodicals for Florida's K-6 grades, revised one of their lesson plans for the 2022-2023 school year to take out race as the reason Rosa Parks was told to change her bus seat and why she was subsequently arrested. ... click to read more

Ibram X. Kendi says a backlash has 'crushed' the nation's racial reckoning. But there's one reason he remains hopeful
Few scholars have experienced the fickle nature of fame as dramatically as Ibram X. Kendi in the past three years.... click to read more

An HBCU alumna has become Vanderbilt's first Black woman neurosurgery resident
After close to a century, Vanderbilt University's neurosurgery residency program will have its first Black woman resident. ... click to read more

Shift in San Francisco politics serves as warning from Asian American voters to Democrats in 2024
Allene Jue used to vote in a simple, rapid manner -- scan the names on the ballot and pick the Asian sounding names. ... click to read more

Podcast: Audie Cornish asks experts why it's so hard to predict what will happen next with the economy
... click to read more

Inside the luxury bus that is offering travelers 'the world's longest bus journey'
Fancy spending two months traveling overland from Istanbul to London without ever having to get behind the wheel?... click to read more

Mexican burritos aren't the bulging wraps you're used to
Mexican food is among the most beloved cuisines on the planet, known for its confluence of indigenous and European influences. Corn, vanilla, chocolate, tomatoes and chile peppers are all ingredients native to Mexico that have informed recipes all over the world for generations.... click to read more

It's one of the world's best Chinese restaurants. But it's not in China
Inside a dimly lit dining room, chef Tomoya Kawada of Sazenka is drawing a yin-yang diagram on a notepad as he explains his dreams for the distant future.... click to read more

Pilot makes history after landing on top of a 56-story hotel
Polish pilot Lukasz Czepiela made history after landing a plane on a helipad at the top of a 56-story hotel in Dubai.... click to read more

Actor Jonathan Majors is arrested on assault charge in New York, police say
Actor Jonathan Majors, who has recently starred in "Creed III" and "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania," was arrested Saturday morning in an alleged domestic dispute, New York police say.... click to read more

'Frozen' star cracks up Adam Sandler recreating famous 'SNL' role
Adam Sandler is the 2023 recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Singer Idina Menzel recreates Sandler's famous 'SNL' character 'Opera Man,' as a tribute to his career. ... click to read more

One penguin species' adaption to climate change offers lessons for us all
One hundred years ago, colorful canaries warned humans of the hidden hazards of digging for coal by riding shotgun down the mine and dropping dead. ... click to read more

'We do believe it was a murder': Authorities are taking a fresh look at Stephen Smith's death
A vibrant presence. Always smiling, always mischievous. A dreamer with plans of one day becoming a nurse. ... click to read more

IMF chief warns of 'risks' to global financial stability, but China showing signs of recovery
The head of the International Monetary Fund called for greater vigilance over the global financial system during a speech in China on Sunday in which she also pointed to "green shoots" emerging in the world's second-largest economy.... click to read more

From 20 dollars in his pocket to a dumpling empire: Din Tai Fung founder dies, age 96
The founder of one of the world's biggest dumpling empires has died.... click to read more

The Girl Scout cookie crumbled this year. Here's what happened
• Opinion: Don't serve Girl Scout cookies with a side of shame • Interactive: Are you tipping too much? • Customers now face a radically different tipping culture compared to a few years ago... click to read more

Skin care for tween boys is taking off
Check the aisles at Walmart, Target or your neighborhood drug store and you'll find them chock full of scented, lathering, moisturizing, bubbling -- even glittering -- face and body cleansers for kids and adults.... click to read more

This $26 Amazon dress is about to become your spring wardrobe staple
... click to read more

21 pairs of shoes that are perfect for traveling this spring and summer
... click to read more

The 20 best sandals for men to buy now, according to style experts
... click to read more

Best plant identification apps for mobile in 2023, tested by our editors
... click to read more

Samsung's Discover event ends at midnight. Now's your last chance to get $800 off a Frame TV
... click to read more

The best robot vacuum of 2023, according to our hands-on testing
... click to read more

These alarm clocks are much better than using your phone to wake up in the morning
... click to read more

Our favorite product releases this week: Solo Stove, Fellow, Parade and more
... click to read more

AirTags let you travel with ease and a 4-pack is on sale today
... click to read more

Spring is here and so is this excellent Nordstrom Rack sale
... click to read more

Are robot mops worth it? Absolutely. Here's why
... click to read more

The best sales to shop this weekend: Tile, Brightland, Kindle and more
... click to read more

Rupert Murdoch is tying the knot (again)
Billionaire media magnate Rupert Murdoch celebrated St. Patricks' Day this year by proposing to his companion Ann Lesley Smith. (Spoiler alert: She said yes!) Instead of heart emojis and congratulatory wishes, though, Murdoch's happy news sparked snide tweets and mocking memes. Why the snark? Smith... click to read more

How 'Teflon Don' could use an indictment to his advantage
The news of a potential indictment would likely derail most presidential candidates. ... click to read more

What the rest of the world realizes about prosecuting former presidents
Ever since last Saturday when former President Donald Trump predicted on his own social media outlet that he would be arrested the following Tuesday — a prediction that has yet to come to fruition — the entirety of the American media and political firmament quickly jumped from so-called "indictment... click to read more

The new rules for using social media healthfully
I started this year talking about a daily practice that's made me feel more connected, content, and attentive: writing a daily haiku that makes me take note of the world each day. I'm still enjoying that practice: With all the rain in California, today's haiku is: "So much depends/ on wet plum blos... click to read more

Trump left Georgia's GOP in ruins
Once former President Donald Trump predicted his forthcoming arrest in New York City, attention naturally shifted to the Manhattan district attorney. Yet his more serious legal peril may lie 900 miles south in Georgia, where Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis' investigation into the effort... click to read more

What the US is missing about TikTok
The multi-year saga of TikTok's struggles in Washington is approaching a dramatic climax. As the company's CEO testifies in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Thursday, two widely different visions of the company will be on display. ... click to read more

'Work' means something different in France
As a native of France who has lived in America for many years, I never fail to be shocked at the sight of older workers packing groceries at the supermarket. It suggests to me a deplorable lack of social supports that could allow aged people to enjoy a dignified retirement.... click to read more

Kelly Clarkson reveals name of new album and teases it's 'coming soon'
Kelly Clarkson has a story to tell and, naturally, she's telling it through her music. ... click to read more

Fasten your seat belts for 'Yellowjackets' Season 2
If you are among those passengers who boarded Showtime's mystery "Yellowjackets" and couldn't get enough of it, fasten your seat belts for more turbulence in Season 2. As for others unmoved by the slow pace of revelations in the twin-track drama, the first four episodes offer little hope of reachin... click to read more

'The Mandalorian' offers a key flashback -- and an unexpected cameo
After the previous week's extended detour into the dysfunction of the New Republic, "The Mandalorian" returned to more conventional pursuits, like an aerial battle to save a Mandalorian child from a giant winged monster. But the fourth episode, "The Foundling," was actually defined by a flashback, ... click to read more

'John Wick 4' has a pivotal post-credits scene
No spoilers here, but you may want to hang around after the credits run for "John Wick: Chapter 4."... click to read more

Should I cancel my trip to Paris? Answers to questions about traveling in France right now
Winter is over and thoughts for many travelers will be turning to that most classic of springtime destinations: Paris. ... click to read more

Their flights were canceled and they ended up sharing a hotel room. Here's what happened next
Andrea Rubakovic was stranded at London Heathrow Airport and feeling increasingly panicked by the prospect.... click to read more

The mistake everyone makes with these classic foods
In which century was ciabatta bread invented? And how old is the chocolate chip cookie? If you don't know the answers to these questions, don't be surprised if your guesses are way off. These are among some of the foods that most people tend to believe are older than they actually are: ciabatta was... click to read more


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