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CNN Top Stories
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November 23, 2020

Biden to pick Janet Yellen for Treasury secretary
• Analysis: Why Janet Yellen makes so much sense as Treasury secretary • Biden nominates first woman to lead intelligence and first Latino to head homeland security • Biden picks loyal lieutenant to lead mission to restore US reputation on world stage • Mayorkas could bring stability to DHS after y... click to read more

'Post-Covid syndrome' is raising concern among health experts
... click to read more

Trump administration informs Joe Biden they are ready to begin the formal transition process, a letter obtained by CNN says
The General Services Administration has informed President-elect Joe Biden that the Trump administration is ready to begin the formal transition process, according to a letter from Administrator Emily Murphy sent Monday afternoon and obtained by CNN. ... click to read more

See Trump's response to transition officially beginning
CNN's Jim Acosta reports that President Trump tweeted about the GSA informing President-elect Joe Biden expressing openness to the transition period going forward. ... click to read more

Biden team says GSA decision is a 'definitive' action to begin transition
... click to read more

READ: GSA letter stating that transition can formally begin
The General Services Administration has informed President-elect Joe Biden that the Trump administration is ready to begin the formal transition process, according to a letter from GSA Administrator Emily Murphy sent Monday afternoon and obtained by CNN. ... click to read more

CNN correspondent: This was tipping point for GSA administrator
The General Services Administration has informed President-elect Joe Biden the administration is ready to begin the formal transition process, according to a letter from Administrator Emily Murphy sent and obtained by CNN. CNN's Kristen Holmes reports. ... click to read more

Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejects Trump campaign's effort to block counting certain absentee ballots
Pennsylvania's Supreme Court on Monday rejected the Trump campaign's effort to block the counting of absentee ballots with missing dates or names, clearing the way for 10,000 votes to be counted in Philadelphia and Allegheny counties, in another defeat for President Donald Trump's desperate legal b... click to read more

Michigan certifies Biden's win as Trump challenges in other key states fizzle
The Michigan State Board of Canvassers voted Monday to certify the state's election results, formally granting President-elect Joe Biden the state's 16 electoral votes -- and all but erasing any pathway for President Donald Trump's to overturn the election results through legal challenges that have... click to read more

Analysis: Trump finally found someone with a too-crazy conspiracy theory about the 2020 election
It appears as though even President Donald Trump has a limit on the sort of conspiracy theories about the election with which he is willing to associate himself. ... click to read more

GM withdraws support for Trump lawsuit seeking to roll back auto emissions rules
In a letter to environmental groups, General Motors announced it was withdrawing its support from Trump administration litigation that aimed to take away California's right to set its own auto emissions rules. ... click to read more

A man wearing Trump gear who was seen deliberately exhaling on women outside Trump golf club has been charged
A man wearing a Trump shirt and an inflatable Trump innertube around his belly who was seen on video deliberately exhaling on two women outside of President Donald Trump's golf course in Virginia has been charged with simple assault. ... click to read more

Hear Rush Limbaugh criticize Trump's legal team
While President Trump continues to stay out of the public eye, more Republicans are criticizing his legal team who are trying to upend the 2020 election. ... click to read more

Feinstein to step aside as top Democrat on Senate Judiciary Committee
California Sen. Dianne Feinstein announced on Monday that she would step down from the top Democratic spot on the Senate Judiciary Committee next year, following sharp criticism from liberal activists over her handling of the hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. ... click to read more

Apple's global security chief and two members of Sheriff's office indicted for alleged bribery
Apple's global head of security and two members of the Santa Clara County Sheriff's office have been indicted by a grand jury for allegedly requesting and offering bribes for concealed weapons licenses. ... click to read more

Report of a 'souring' relationship between Trump and Giuliani
CNN's Erin Burnett discusses Rudy Giuliani's failed efforts to challenge final election results in courts and reports of a "souring" relationship between him and the President. ... click to read more

Opinion: Trump's bizarro-world 'elite strike force' legal challenge is about to implode
Just moments after a federal judge issued a blistering rebuke of their evidence-free, legally-confused effort to contest President-elect Joe Biden's win in Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump's legal team flailed to spin the crushing loss as some sort of bizarro-world victory. Trump campaign atto... click to read more

How Trump's fundraising could benefit his post-White House political life
One email asks for donations to "Stop the Left from trying to steal the Election." Another offers a "COUNT ALL LEGAL VOTES" T-shirt in exchange for a $30 contribution. A third, signed by Eric Trump, asks for $5 "IMMEDIATELY to support the official Election Defense Fund." ... click to read more

Trump's campaign ejects lawyer after Trump praised her
CNN's Brianna Keilar takes a look at Trump's legal team distancing itself from Sidney Powell, a lawyer who spoke at the campaign's press conference laying out its case for widespread voter fraud. ... click to read more

Trump friend and adviser recognizes Biden as President-elect
President Donald Trump's friends and allies are increasingly doing what he will not: acknowledging the reality that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States. ... click to read more

Opinion: Why the GOP is so rattled by Rev. Warnock's faith-based Senate campaign
The Rev. Raphael Warnock is not just a candidate in one of the pivotal US Senate runoffs in Georgia, he's also a successor to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the pulpit of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Like King, Warnock roots his call for the government to respect the God-giv... click to read more

A rare species of whale washed ashore dead in North Carolina
A North Atlantic right whale calf was discovered dead on the shore of a barrier island off North Carolina on Friday, according to officials. ... click to read more

Romaine in at least 15 states voluntarily recalled over possible E. coli risk, FDA says
A limited number of cases of organic romaine lettuce hearts have been recalled because of a possible risk of E. coli. ... click to read more

Is this a spa? Nope, it's Ford's new F-150
I was laying flat on my back getting a gentle massage as I looked up at the clouds and the occasional seagull passing by overhead. For a moment, I could imagine I was at spa by the beach. But in reality, I was inside a Ford F-150 pickup truck in a parking lot in the Bronx. ... click to read more

See what happens when pianist tries to play for monkeys
Pianist Paul Barton attempts to serenade a pack of monkeys with piano music in the ancient city of Lopburi, Thailand. ... click to read more

An invasive, snake-like hammerhead worm is popping up in Georgia
Step aside "murder hornets," sightings of an invasive species of a snake-like worm are being reported in Georgia. ... click to read more

Watch iconic WWE wrestler's announcement
Watch WWE chairman Vince McMahon choke up while confirming the news to fans. ... click to read more

People over 45 are at greater risk of STIs, new study finds
Middle-aged adults face a greater risk of catching sexually transmitted infections than ever before -- because society is unwilling to talk about older people having sex, a new study has found. ... click to read more

Florida man fights alligator to save tiny puppy
A wildlife camera captured how a man in Florida saved his small dog from the mouth of an alligator. ... click to read more

Oxford English Dictionary couldn't pick just one 'word of the year' for 2020
The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has been unable to name its traditional word of the year for 2020, instead exploring how far and how quickly the language has developed this year. ... click to read more

'Jeopardy!' names Ken Jennings as its first interim host after death of Alex Trebek
Following the death of longtime "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek earlier this month, the quiz show has now announced it will resume production, with a new interim host in the meantime. ... click to read more

'Jeopardy!' executive producer pays tribute to Trebek
"Jeopardy!" Executive Producer Mike Richards reflects on Alex Trebek's life after the longtime game show host passed away at age 80. ... click to read more

School is back in session as 'Saved By the Bell' heads back to Bayside
The stars of "Saved by the Bell" are going back to school in a new version of the teen series coming to Peacock, and Elizabeth Berkley Lauren isn't mincing her words on how she feels about it. ... click to read more

The best of Netflix's charmingly bad holiday romcoms
Coronavirus, lockdowns, economic woes and a dramatic political divide have all made 2020 pretty unbearable. So, let's thank Netflix for a few winter romcoms to take our minds off real life. ... click to read more

Make $2,500 to watch 25 movies in 25 days with this ideal holiday job
It's every movie lover's dream to spend the season watching their favorite holiday films, but Reviews.org is going to pay someone to do just that. ... click to read more

See the empty chairs as Americans mourn during Thanksgiving
Across the US, many families bereaved by Covid-19 are experiencing their first holiday season without a loved one. These are some of their stories. ... click to read more

Coronavirus across the US is getting worse. Here's a refresher on how to stay safe
It's a recurring headline these days: New cases of coronavirus are surging around the country, along with hospitalization rates and Covid-19 deaths. ... click to read more

Alone for the holidays? Here's how to find joy in the solitude
'Tis the season to stay home and stay safe. That means no more raucous get-togethers with extended family, being relegated to the kids' table or figuring out how to politely decline Grandma's fruitcake. ... click to read more

'Aquaman' star surprises young fan after priceless reaction to gift
"Aquaman" actor Jason Momoa called 7-year-old cancer patient Danny Sheehan after seeing his reaction to unwrapping an Aquaman toy. ... click to read more

Comedian: I've traveled more since Covid-19 than ever before -- no joke
As a comedian who works a lot in the Middle East, especially Israel, I'm often on and off airplanes. I'm executive platinum on American Airlines, if that tells you anything. ... click to read more

New White House sculpture makes history
A sculpture by Isamu Noguchi has become the first work by an Asian American to feature in the White House's art collection, according to the White House Historical Association. ... click to read more

This kid's love of Cheetos helped his family move from a shed into an apartment
Whenever Aaron Moreno heard the ice cream truck's familiar jingle, he looked to his mom for a smile to know if she had enough money for Flamin' Hot Cheetos. ... click to read more

The US economy is about to shrink, JPMorgan warns
The pandemic is intensifying, statewide curfews are back and Washington is asleep at the wheel. This toxic backdrop is derailing the US economic recovery just as Joe Biden prepares to take charge — and JPMorgan is warning the economy is in fact about to shrink. ... click to read more

Reddit will pay workers the same salary no matter where they live
More companies have embraced remote work permanently, and that has spurred some employees to relocate to other parts of the country. But moving to a less expensive area can come with a trade-off: a smaller paycheck. ... click to read more

Here are the major stores that will be closed on Thanksgiving
The pandemic has transformed the holiday shopping season. Another major difference this year: People planning to shop on Thanksgiving will have fewer options than they have had in the past. ... click to read more

13 Black Friday deals you'll want to shop today before they're gone
Though still a few days out, Black Friday deals are already underway at a number of retailers. We have an exhaustive list of more than 150 sales happening now. But we've also been keeping our eyes on some of our favorite products to see if and when their prices dip, either to all time lows or price... click to read more

Black Friday has kicked off early. Here are the top deals right now
... click to read more

Lululemon is slashing prices during its early Black Friday sale
... click to read more

From babies to tweens, 24 clever gifts for kids of all ages
... click to read more

All the best Black Friday deals you can shop at Amazon right now
... click to read more

These 5-star Amazon products make for the perfect holiday gifts
... click to read more

20 useful yet thoughtful gifts that will truly wow your family
... click to read more

Oprah's Favorite Things have arrived on Amazon. Here's the list.
... click to read more

51 of the best gifts to give (or get) this year
... click to read more

Babbel review: It's definitely worth it
... click to read more

The pros and cons of taking cash out of your home with a refinance
... click to read more

The best coupons at Wayfair
... click to read more

Biden's big mistake about Trump
Joe Biden is making a mistake. ... click to read more

Trump's actions should worry us all
In the weeks since the general election, President Donald Trump and his team have failed to successfully challenge the final results in our courts of law. However, in the court of public opinion, they have made startling progress — progress that could threaten President-elect Joe Biden's capacity t... click to read more

The return of dogs to the White House feels magnificently American
I witnessed a rush of collective pleasure online when the news came, on November 7, that Joe Biden had won the presidential race. Not just because of Biden, but also because of Major and Champ, the new first dogs of the United States. ... click to read more

The only way Republicans can lead again
President Donald Trump is conducting an all-out assault on our democracy. There is no other way to look at this. The President lost the election and his legal team has failed to produce evidence of voter fraud. So now President Trump is attempting to convince state legislatures to overthrow the res... click to read more

Wearing a mask is like turning down a marshmallow
If it is both the best of times and the worst of times, shouldn't things kind of average out to it being an OK time? But life obviously doesn't work that way -- instead, we careen from one emotional extreme to another. ... click to read more

What does the Mandalorian have against creatures?
To borrow from the Mandalorian's mantra -- is this really the way? ... click to read more

Lady Bird Johnson was a moral compass
Lady Bird Johnson moved into a White House in mourning after President Kennedy's assassination in 1963. Black cloth hung over chandeliers, windows and doorways, and Kennedy staffers sobbed in the mansion's hallways. ... click to read more

White House Christmas tree arrives, continuing tradition amid Covid-19 and election disputes
First lady Melania Trump welcomed the 2020 White House Christmas tree Monday afternoon, continuing the long-held tradition even as the coronavirus pandemic rages on and as President Donald Trump's longshot election challenges remain unsettled. ... click to read more

Surgeon General Adams: All Americans, even at the White House, should avoid large holiday gatherings
US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams warned Monday that all Americans -- even at the White House -- should follow US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and avoid gatherings during what he called a "dire point" in the pandemic. ... click to read more

Here's where things stand as vote certification looms in key states
President Donald Trump faces a critical week in his last-ditch effort to cling to power as key states are on the brink of certifying their election results, officially confirming Joe Biden as the President-elect. ... click to read more

Analysis: The election is still not over
President Donald Trump's struggle to deny the results of the election is now up against an existential threat: a rapid succession of states due to certify their election results before the critical date of December 8. ... click to read more

HBO Max: Start binging your favorite shows now
... click to read more

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