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CNN Top Stories
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March 2, 2021

For weeks, Covid cases and hospitalizations were decreasing. But a concerning trend has already begun.
• Analysis: Biden must balance the horror of Covid-19 with the hope to come • Which vaccine should I get? Dr. Wen weighs in • Live updates: Hydroxychloroquine should not be used to prevent Covid-19, WHO says ... click to read more

Which Covid-19 vaccine should I get? Dr. Wen weighs in
And then there were three. ... click to read more

Trump got vaccinated in secret. Why this is a big deal
Dr. Peter Hotez says that if former President Donald Trump and former first lady Melania Trump had decided to reveal to the public that they received the Covid-19 vaccine it would have helped "melt away" a lot of vaccine hesitancy. ... click to read more

Analysis: Biden's health experts deliver a blunt warning for the months ahead
It may not feel like it right now after a horrific winter, but America has never experienced a moment this hopeful since the pandemic began. ... click to read more

Opinion: I got vaccinated. What now?
The United States Covid-19 vaccination program is gaining steam. As of Tuesday, more than 40 million people have received the first dose, representing about 13% of the country. At the same time, national rates of new infection have decreased, presenting a real opportunity to control the pandemic. ... click to read more

Hydroxychloroquine should not be used to prevent Covid-19, WHO says
... click to read more

Senators to grill FBI Director Chris Wray over security failures during January 6 insurrection
• Proud Boys nominated man to hold 'war powers' and lead January 6 attack, DOJ says ... click to read more

New York Times: Third woman accuses Cuomo of unwanted advances in 2019
• Chris Cuomo explains why he can't cover recent allegations about his brother ... click to read more

Woman once thought to be a victim in a college sex trafficking case has now been charged in it
Once described as a vulnerable target of the scheme, a former Sarah Lawrence College student has been charged in a sex trafficking conspiracy and money laundering case, according to a grand jury indictment. ... click to read more

Muir's ABC News role leads to drama with GMA's Stephanopoulos
... click to read more

Women allege sexual misconduct against North Carolina GOP lawmaker as his biography is under new scrutiny
Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn is facing allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct by several women who say he put them in uncomfortable situations when he was a college student, with the former classmates detailing to CNN on Monday how the rising star of the conservative right would use "f... click to read more

New satellite images reveal North Korea took recent steps to conceal nuclear weapons site
New satellite imagery obtained by CNN reveals North Korea has recently taken steps to conceal a facility US intelligence agencies believe is being used to store nuclear weapons, a move that could add to the growing sense of urgency from critics who argue the Biden administration needs to articulate... click to read more

Doctor attends traffic court during surgery
A Sacramento surgeon faces a medical board investigation after video of him attending a traffic court hearing showed him in an operating room with a patient on the table. CNN's Dan Simon reports. ... click to read more

Left out of House stimulus, hospitals and nursing homes look to Senate
Shut out of the stimulus package that passed the House last week, hospitals and nursing homes are hoping they can convince the Senate to give them an additional infusion of funding in its version of the $1.9 trillion relief bill. ... click to read more

6 Dr. Seuss books won't be published anymore
Six Dr. Seuss will no longer be published because they "portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong," the business that preserves the author's legacy said. The titles are: ... click to read more

Hawley defends opposition to every Biden Cabinet nominee: 'I take them one at a time'
Republican Sen. Josh Hawley on Monday defended his role as the only US senator to oppose every one of President Joe Biden's Cabinet nominees, insisting that he evaluates each pick individually. ... click to read more

CEO under fire for repeating false Trump election claims at CPAC
The chief executive officer of Goya Foods, Robert Unanue, made a series of false claims about the 2020 election at the Conservative Political Action Conference. ... click to read more

How GOP voter suppression targets millennials and Generation Z
In an epic struggle over voting rights, the future political influence of the diverse generations now aging into the electorate could pivot on the fate of legislation the House is expected to consider this week. ... click to read more

Whole towns are refusing Covid-19 vaccines in Mexico
For Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, vaccinating all Mexicans is a matter of responsible national health policy as well as social justice. ... click to read more

Rare 'locked' letter sealed 300 years ago is finally opened virtually
Three hundred years ago, before envelopes, passwords and security codes, writers often struggled to keep thoughts, cares and dreams expressed in their letters private. ... click to read more

Soccer legend's Porsche is up for sale
A Porsche that belonged to footballing legend Diego Maradona has been put up for auction and valued between $180,000 and $240,000. ... click to read more

These 6 Dr. Seuss books won't be published anymore
... click to read more

Rare Winston Churchill painting sold by Angelina Jolie smashes auction record
A rare Winston Churchill painting that was gifted to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II and eventually made its way into actor Angelina Jolie's collection has become the most expensive painting by the late British prime minister to sell at auction, with a hammer price of nearly ... click to read more

Mother charged with killing 6-year-old son and throwing body into Ohio River
After initially reporting him missing, an Ohio mother has been charged with killing her 6-year-old son and disposing of his body in the Ohio River, police said. ... click to read more

'Froot Loops' on pizza: Culinary abomination or inspiration?
"Froot Loops" on pizza grosses out internet. But how does it taste? CNN's Jeanne Moos reports. ... click to read more

Fossils of huge Ninjatitan dinosaur that lived 140 million years ago found in Argentina
Scientists have unearthed fossils of what may be the oldest-known member of the dinosaur group known as titanosaurs that includes the largest land animals in Earth's history. ... click to read more

Deputies rush to find woman who dialed 911 from sinking car
Two Florida deputies saved a 73-year-old woman after she missed her turn and drove straight into a pond. ... click to read more

Fraternity has been suspended after the death of a 19-year-old student
Virginia Commonwealth University has suspended a fraternity after a student was found dead at an off-campus house on Saturday. ... click to read more

Trump is facing probes from 5 independently elected investigators
• Opinion: Trump and his CPAC fans lead GOP down a losing path • Analysis: 50 ridiculous lines from Trump's CPAC speech ... click to read more

Analysis: The 50 most ridiculous lines from Trump's CPAC speech
Donald Trump delivered his first major post-presidential speech on Sunday, an address to the Conservative Political Action Conference laden with falsehoods and attacks on his fellow Republicans -- suggesting absolutely nothing has changed since he ceased being president on January 20. ... click to read more

Republican lawmaker reacts to being on Trump's 'enemies list'
• Analysis: Beware false (Trump) idols • Trump vows revenge on GOPers who impeached him. This super PAC is fighting back. ... click to read more

Analysis: Beware false (Trump) idols!
On Sunday morning, Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana told CNN's Dana Bash something very important about the future of his party. ... click to read more

Trump vows revenge on GOPers who impeached him. This super PAC is fighting back.
Allies of Illinois GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger have launched a super PAC to support Republicans in 2022 who stood up to then-President Donald Trump after a mob of his supporters attacked the US Capitol in an effort to overturn the 2020 election. ... click to read more

'A straight up lie': Keilar fires off on Trump's CPAC speech
CNN's Brianna Keilar reacts to former President Trump's speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, where he echoed several of the baseless and false election fraud claims he's continued to perpetuate following the US 2020 election. ... click to read more

'Wonder Woman' star pregnant with 3rd child
"Wonder Woman" star Gal Gadot has announced on social media that she is pregnant with her third child. ... click to read more

Gillian Anderson's American accent sent shockwaves through Twitter
The Golden Globes helped remind some people that Gillian Anderson was born in Chicago. ... click to read more

T.I. and Tiny deny sexual assault allegations as attorney seeks investigation of them
An attorney is asking two states to investigate rapper Clifford "T.I." Harris and his wife, singer Tameka "Tiny" Harris, in the wake of sexual assault and abuse and other allegations the couple have denied. ... click to read more

CBS releases teaser for Harry and Meghan's intense Oprah Interview
The clips from the interview, which will air on March 7, show an emotional Price Harry who compares his split from the royal family to the experience of his mother, Princess Diana. ... click to read more

When can we go on vacation again? Here's the latest
• ... click to read more

The slowing down of ocean currents could have a devastating effect on our climate
Remember the movie, "The Day After Tomorrow," in which a catastrophic series of global disasters strike after climate change causes the world's ocean currents to stop? ... click to read more

2,000-pound World War II bomb detonated near university
Authorities in Exeter, England, evacuated more than 2,000 homes before detonating a German World War II bomb found at a construction site. ... click to read more

Italy has a new way to combat overtourism
Selfies in front of Botticelli's Venus. Closeups of David's manhood. Bottlenecks climbing to the top of the famous Duomo. ... click to read more

Two of America's most powerful economic voices disagree on tax for uber-rich
Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren faces an uphill battle persuading Washington to back her tax on ultra-millionaires — starting with convincing her own party's Treasury Secretary. ... click to read more

Wall Street's new bogeyman: the bond market
Covid-19 no longer seems to be the biggest concern on Wall Street as more people are getting vaccinated. Now, the focus is squarely on the bond market and inflation. ... click to read more

Budweiser Select is making a comeback
With Americans drinking more light beer than ever, Anheuser-Busch is giving them another option with the nationwide release of Budweiser Select. ... click to read more

RoboKiller puts spam callers to shame with a prescreening
... click to read more

Best sales to shop today: Target, Hydro Flask, Wayfair and more
... click to read more

We've tested dozens of WFH products: Here are our top picks
... click to read more

Save on AirPods Pro at Woot! for one day only
... click to read more

26 women-owned brands for all your everyday essentials
... click to read more

20 essential products you should buy your dog, according to vets
... click to read more

17 books that are essential reading for Women's History Month
... click to read more

It's 2021: It's time to get a ring light. Here are our favorites
... click to read more

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2: Sleek looks, serious versatility
... click to read more

We tested 14 soundbars for months and found two clear standouts
... click to read more

American Express adds cell phone protection to its premium cards
... click to read more

Take an extra $10 off with this Postmates promo code
... click to read more

Get over it, the media isn't going to give Joe Biden a free ride
Over the past few weeks, progressive activists have lit up Twitter over the media's criticism of President Joe Biden. There have even been loud complaints that the White House briefing is no longer consistently covered live by the cable networks, as if the media is somehow trying to silence the Pre... click to read more

Trump and his CPAC fans lead GOP on losing path
Donald Trump's return to the national stage at the Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC) was about what I expected: In a two-track speech where he was intermittently bored by a teleprompter and amused by his own adlibs, he teased a third presidential run, came home to his animating issue,... click to read more

Do we even need the Golden Globes?
At times like this, I miss Don Rickles. ... click to read more

Why Biden must stop Erdogan's abuse of counterterrorism rhetoric
After 13 Turkish hostages were found dead in Northern Iraq on Feb. 14, Turkey arrested hundreds of people, including prominent members of the pro-Kurdish opposition Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP). The government even opened investigations into HDP members of parliament and human rights activists H... click to read more

Potato Head holds a gender lesson for Congress
You know times are a-changing when a famous toy spud is getting an upgrade—and for a very 21st-century reason. ... click to read more

Biden's tricky tango with Congress
"There are men of character in the U.S. Congress, both House and Senate. There are women of character, too. But the evidence for 'character' needs to be something other than the iteration of the word itself," writes Marjorie Garber in her book "Character: The History of a Cultural Obsession." ... click to read more

Obama-Springsteen podcast reveals a problem
If you had any doubts that podcasting had gone from fashionable to fully mainstream, you need look no further than the latest Spotify original, "Renegades: Born in the USA," for proof that they have. Hosted by former President Barack Obama and current rocker Bruce Springsteen, the show centers on a... click to read more

Daily news briefings from CNN
... click to read more

Political Briefing: Fact-checking Biden's first month
... click to read more

The Point: Minimum wage hike is dead (for now)
... click to read more

Politically Sound: Delivering on the promise of racial equity
... click to read more

Axe Files: Fareed Zakaria
... click to read more

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