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CNN Top Stories
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September 21, 2019

Her tormentors hung bananas in nooses and berated her online. After a storm of hate, here's why a hate crime victim met one of her online trolls in person.
When the torrent of hate first hit, Taylor Dumpson curled into a fetal position and rocked herself, unable to speak. ... click to read more

US attorney delivers harsh message to white supremacists
A federal prosecutor used a routine news conference announcing criminal charges to deliver a harsh message to those who advocate white supremacy and white nationalism. ... click to read more

Opinion: Free speech wars miss the point of college
As the new school year gets underway and the presidential campaign heats up, it won't be long before we hear once again critics bewailing that free speech is no longer a core value at colleges and universities. Through a well-funded effort by conservative political organizations, already more than ... click to read more

Black man goes undercover as white supremacist
Theo Wilson talks about going undercover online as a white supremacist ahead of the one-year anniversary of violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. ... click to read more

Orthodox Jews fear being targets of rising anti-Semitism
As the rock was smashed into his face, the attacker's words hit Rabbi Avraham Gopin almost as hard. "He said 'Jew, Jew'," Gopin recalled in an interview with WCBS, a CNN affiliate. "It was hate," the rabbi added. The attack broke his nose and knocked out two teeth. ... click to read more

What's going on with Trump and Biden and Ukraine
• Anderson Cooper speaks to reporter who helped break story • Cuomo breaks down Rudy Giuliani's wild interview ... click to read more

Analysis: Trump is talking and tweeting more
For better or worse, we're getting more Donald Trump these days. ... click to read more

Opinion: Trudeau's blackface exposes the truth: Canada is no racial haven
For Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, blackface is a mere obstacle to overcome in his campaign run after receiving rebukes this week for darkening his face several times in the past. But for the millions of black, Indigenous and other people of color in Canada, this is far more than a simple ... click to read more

Cooper speaks to reporter who helped break Ukraine story
CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with journalist Rebecca Ballhaus, one of the Wall Street Journal reporters who broke the story reporting President Trump pressured Ukraine's President to investigate Joe Biden's son. ... click to read more

Trump's interest in Ukraine ramped up as Giuliani pressed on Biden claims
President Donald Trump's stance on Ukraine has evolved over the past year from one of general uninterest to a more engaged approach as he has discussed allegations of wrongdoing involving former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, people familiar with the matter said. ... click to read more

Rep. Joe Kennedy to kick off primary challenge to Sen. Ed Markey
Democratic Rep. Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts will announce a run for Senate on Saturday morning at the East Boston Social Center, challenging Democratic Sen. Ed Markey, who has served in Congress for more than 40 years. ... click to read more

Cuomo breaks down Rudy Giuliani's wild interview
CNN's Chris Cuomo analyzes his interview with Rudy Giuliani, debunking Giuliani's claims about former vice president Joe Biden. ... click to read more

Netanyahu trails Gantz by two seats in latest Israeli election results
Benny Gantz has opened up a two-seat lead over Benjamin Netanyahu in the "almost final" results of Israel's razor-tight election, as both men prepare for a fight to command a parliamentary majority and form a government. ... click to read more

New details reveal acrimonious split between Epstein and Duke of York
On August 19, Buckingham Palace put out a statement signed by Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, that was emphatic in distancing the British Royal from the late disgraced financier, Jeffrey Epstein. ... click to read more

2 killed, 8 injured in bar shooting near Lancaster, South Carolina
At least one person opened fire inside and outside a crowded South Carolina bar early Saturday, killing two people and injuring eight others before fleeing, authorities said. ... click to read more

Prince Andrew accuser says she was forced to perform sex acts at 17
Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of several women who accused the late disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein of sex crimes, has revealed new details of her alleged sexual abuse by Britain's Prince Andrew. ... click to read more

The former officer who fatally shot Botham Jean will soon appear in court. Here's how Jean's mother is preparing for it
Seven months after an off-duty Dallas police officer shot Allison Jean's son, Botham, dead in his apartment, her attorney called with a warning: the 911 call capturing Botham's last moments was going to be played on the evening news. ... click to read more

Antonio Brown addresses his release from the Patriots in a flurry of messages after sexual misconduct accusations
Antonio Brown's short stint with the New England Patriots ended just as fast as it started nearly two weeks ago. ... click to read more

Father and son die after falling off cliff
A father and son died after falling off a cliff in Farmington, Connecticut, according to police. CNN affiliate WFSB reports. ... click to read more

Dennis Rodman makes bold prediction about Kim Jong Un
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un seemingly celebrates the firing of former Trump national security adviser John Bolton as new research has found hidden tunnels near the country's main nuclear complex. CNN's Brian Todd reports. ... click to read more

She never experienced puberty and was too scared to tell anyone
Babalwa Mtshawu never experienced puberty. When she was growing up she didn't get her period or grow breasts like the other girls around her. ... click to read more

OK, seriously, what really goes on inside Area 51?
... click to read more

The Fortnite Batman crossover is here
Fortnite's Batman crossover offering is officially out, just in time for Batman Day. ... click to read more

Mom surprises daughter in unicorn costume
Somer Scandridge surprised her daughter in a unicorn costume at the bus stop. ... click to read more

Royals fly among us -- but you'd never know
Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have committed to flying commercial for their upcoming visit to southern Africa, having faced criticism for their use of private jets for their summer vacations. ... click to read more

Man behind iconic GIF asks favor of fans
Drew Scanlon, who inspired the viral blinking man GIF, is trying to use his fame to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. ... click to read more

Two penguins interned at American publishing company Penguin Random House. It was awesome
... click to read more

Beloved children's TV host gets 'sexy' Halloween costume treatment
Lingerie retailer Yandy has released a sexy version of a "Mr.Rogers"-themed Halloween costume, complete with hand puppets. ... click to read more

Drone captures moment a shark heads for surfer
Amateur drone operator Christopher Joye noticed a shark heading for a surfer in Australia. Here's how he intervened. ... click to read more

Flight attendant's note to passenger goes viral
Ashley Ober, who was born deaf, flew alone for the first time in her life. See how a flight attendant's kindness went a long way. CNN affiliate WJLA reports. ... click to read more

Daughter roasts Baldwin, leaves him stunned
In Comedy Central's annual celebrity roast, celebrities took turns shredding Alec Baldwin. His daughter joined in too. ... click to read more

Warren stopped cold by Colbert's question
Stephen Colbert asks Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) if she "agrees with President Donald Trump on anything?" ... click to read more

Vets surprised by what's under 9 pounds of hair
Veterinarians and groomers worked to save a neglected dog who "looked like a container of mops" due to her matted fur when she was brought in to the Nebraska Humane Society. ... click to read more

Is cancel culture going too far?
Name a celebrity who has ever said or done anything remotely controversial -- they've probably been canceled. ... click to read more

Shane Gillis' 'SNL' firing for racist remarks splits the comedy community
While some comedians are defending Shane Gillis after his firing from "Saturday Night Live" this week, others are supporting NBC's decision. ... click to read more

'Cancel culture' comes for the New York Times
The New York Times faced intense scrutiny from some on the left this week for a headline addressing Donald Trump and racism. But does this debacle play directly into Trump's re-election playbook? Editor-in-chief for The Daily Beast Noah Shachtman says the press is "always going to be called biased,... click to read more

We'll never listen to Michael Jackson the same way
If you grew up in the 1970s, '80s or '90s, his music was likely woven through your life. ... click to read more

A photographer's never published photos from Obama's campaign trail
... click to read more

Meghan McCain walks off the set of 'The View'
Friday's airing of ABC's The View appeared to get a little more heated than normal. During the episode, Meghan McCain walked off the set as cameras panned the studio heading into a commercial. ... click to read more

SUV drives into mall, crashing through storefronts
One person is in custody after driving an SUV through Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois. No one was injured in the incident, according to officials. ... click to read more

Barron Hilton, whose empire included hotels and an NFL team, dies at 91
Famous hotelier and philanthropist Barron Hilton died this week at his home in Los Angeles. ... click to read more

YouTube won't take verified badges away from creators after backlash
YouTube is backtracking on changes it announced to its verification process following backlash from creators on its platform. ... click to read more

'Ad Astra' could be the hit 20th Century Fox needs
After a dismal run since the Disney acquisition closed in March, 20th Century Fox is looking to the stars to help right the ship. ... click to read more

Colt will stop making AR-15 rifles for consumers
Colt, the manufacturer of the AR-15 rifle, has announced it's exiting the consumer rifle market as demand for high-powered, semi-automatic guns wanes. ... click to read more

A flaw in iOS 13 can expose your contact details
A flaw in iOS 13, the new iPhone operating system Apple released Thursday, exposes contact details stored in iPhones without requiring a passcode or biometric identification. And Apple has known about the flaw since July, a person who reported the bug to Apple told CNN Business. ... click to read more

Can Elizabeth Warren beat Trump?
I've been hearing a new conversation in coffee shops and happy hours around the country. One friend makes their prediction of who will win in November 2020, and the other nods in agreement. But then the voices become hushed as the second person asks, "But do you really think the other side will acc... click to read more

The real threat to campus free speech
Last March, the Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies hosted a conference entitled "Conflict over Gaza: People, Politics, and Possibilities." A month later, Representative George Holding, a North Carolina Republican who represents a neighboring district that appears to have been carefully dra... click to read more

Young people offer moral clarity on climate crisis
At certain points in history, when institutions and established leaders have failed to step up and take action, it falls to the youngest among us to take charge. That is happening again these two weeks as a 16-year-old girl from Sweden, Greta Thunberg, is stepping onto center stage to mobilize the ... click to read more

Pilot: Your airplane is plunging. Should you worry?
The reports of a Delta Airlines flight on Wednesday, September 18th, en route from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale, plunging 30,000 feet, describe a dramatic experience—but they appear to mischaracterize something: the incident reflects the execution of a very precise procedure, not a tumble, potentiall... click to read more

Sean Spicer's 'DWTS' spectacle is not okay
Even though the lines between politics and entertainment have been blurred from the beginning in the Trump administration, Sean Spicer twirling the frills on the sleeves of his neon, lime-green shirt on "Dancing With The Stars" ("DWTS") have brought us to a collective new low. ... click to read more

Trump's contempt for the rules
The nation is lost in a new swirl of Trumpian confusion over a potential scandal. This time the particulars involve a whistleblower's complaint about a possible security breach at the highest level and the suggestion of a cover-up. Perhaps the only thing clear in this case is that once again Presid... click to read more

Refi rates at 2.875% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?
... click to read more

8 cards charging 0% interest until 2021
... click to read more

5 stocks that could set you up for life
... click to read more

The UK is gearing up for its dirtiest election ever
Boris Johnson has been backed into a corner over Brexit. Partly through his own missteps, partly from the growing opposition to his "do-or-die" Brexit plan, Johnson is a man for whom the losses are piling up, while the UK is a country running out of time. ... click to read more

Saudi oil attack is a wake-up call for China
Last weekend's drone attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities sent shockwaves through global energy markets and the price of crude spiking. ... click to read more

Petrol bombs, tear gas used in Hong Kong protests
CNN's Will Ripley reports from Hong Kong, where protests continue for the 16th straight weekend. ... click to read more

Sex work is legal here. But only if you register with the police
Due to the stigma associated with sex work in Senegal, the women CNN interviewed asked that their identities be protected. They are identified using pseudonyms. ... click to read more

There were (thankfully) fewer alien enthusiasts at Area 51 than authorities expected
The day we had all been waiting for is finally here -- but it wasn't as exciting as expected. And that's probably for the best. ... click to read more

Vape stockpiling begins as US ban looms
The great "vapocalypse" has begun and the horsemen leading the charge are from New York and Michigan. ... click to read more

A police captain was killed after a routine traffic stop ended in a shootout
A Louisiana police captain was killed and another officer was wounded Friday after a routine traffic stop ended in a shootout, CNN affiliate WVUE reported. ... click to read more

Thousands of abandoned medical records found in deceased doctor's abortion clinics
First, authorities discovered a spine-chilling 2,246 fetal remains in the Illinois garage of an abortion doctor after his death. Then, investigators found "thousands" of abandoned medical records across his abortion clinics in Indiana, the Indiana attorney general announced on Friday. ... click to read more

These popular logos are all hiding a secret
... click to read more

'World's first' 360-degree infinity pool
... click to read more

The most dramatic fashion show of the year?
... click to read more

Model's skin tone made her a social media star
... click to read more

Where twins are worshiped -- and murdered
... click to read more

Why did this legendary car vanish for 30 years?
... click to read more

'Between Two Ferns' plants lots of laughs
"Between Two Ferns: The Movie" is perhaps inevitably best consumed in bite-sized bits, bringing back Zach Galifianakis from his popular web series as the worst (or depending on one's point of view, best) celebrity interviewer ever. The movie's conceit is hit-miss, but when it works -- yielding dead... click to read more

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