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CNN Top Stories
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August 7, 2020

'You had to be careful what options you gave him,' one official says, noting concerns that the President might indeed order an attack
Amid escalating tensions with both North Korea and Iran, President Donald Trump's advisers hesitated to give him military options fearing the President might accidentally take the US to war and deliberately informed their counterparts in both countries that they did not know what the President woul... click to read more

Tennessee picks Trump-backed Bill Hagerty to be Senate Republican nominee
Bill Hagerty, President Donald Trump's former ambassador to Japan, has won the Senate Republican primary in Tennessee on Thursday, CNN projects. ... click to read more

Hear Trump's response when asked what mistakes he's made
President Donald Trump said an interview with Geraldo Rivera that he has made no mistakes with the handling of the coronavirus pandemic. CNN's Erin Burnett discusses. ... click to read more

Biden campaign responds to Trump's baseless 'hurt God' attack
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's campaign on Thursday countered President Donald Trump's baseless attack that Biden, who is a practicing Roman Catholic, would somehow "hurt God," saying in response that "Biden's faith is at the core of who he is." ... click to read more

Chris Cuomo: Trump's judgment 'may be impaired'
CNN's Chris Cuomo discusses President Donald Trump's recent comment that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden wants to "hurt God." ... click to read more

Fact Check: Is it legal for Trump to give his convention speech from the White House?
In an interview on Fox News Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump said he will "probably" deliver his Republican National Convention acceptance speech "live from the White House," prompting questions about the legality of such a decision. ... click to read more

Former Army Delta Force officer, US ambassador sign secretive contract to develop Syrian oil fields
The Trump administration has approved the first-ever deal for an American firm to develop and modernize oil fields in northeast Syria under control of the US-backed Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. ... click to read more

Trump to ban TikTok and WeChat in 45 days unless sold by Chinese parent companies
President Donald Trump on Thursday issued an executive order that would ban the social media app TikTok from operating in the US in 45 days if it is not sold by its Chinese parent company ByteDance. ... click to read more

Ohio governor tests positive for Covid-19 -- and then tests negative
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced on Thursday afternoon that he had tested positive for coronavirus, but said later on that he had tested negative for Covid-19 later on in the evening. ... click to read more

How Biden's time with Obama may influence his VP pick
CNN's Jeff Zeleny examines how Joe Biden's relationship with Barack Obama may guide his decision into selecting his running mate. ... click to read more

Biden seeks to clarify comment that Latino community is diverse, 'unlike the African American community'
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden sought Thursday night to limit the political damage after he said in an earlier interview that the Latino community in the United States was diverse, "unlike the African American community with notable exceptions." ... click to read more

Doctor says Covid-19 has 'really taken a toll' on medical staff
... click to read more

Opinion: The mystery of Dr. Birx
As the Covid-19 debacle continues to worsen, Dr. Deborah Birx, who entered the scene in March as Corona Task Force Chair Vice President Mike Pence's "right arm," has emerged as a new person to blame. ... click to read more

How Arizona is turning things around on Covid-19
In late June, Arizona was confronting a dramatic rise in Covid-19 cases, forcing officials to reimpose a slew of coronavirus restrictions about two months after the state started reopening its economy. ... click to read more

Baldwin to Trump: The numbers are strong? Look at this
CNN's Brooke Baldwin and Gloria Borger react to President Donald Trump's speech at Whirpool headquarters in Ohio, where he boasted about what his administration has done for the economy. ... click to read more

Analysis: I asked for hate mail from teachers and this is what I got
When I wrote Wednesday about the crisis of kids not being in school and linked to a story written by a nurse and arguing teachers are essential workers and that kids should be in the classroom, I invited them to email me their hate mail. ... click to read more

Stimulus talks on the brink of collapse as two sides get no closer to a deal
A three-hour meeting Thursday evening between senior administration officials and Democratic leaders yielded little progress as both sides seemed resigned to the likelihood that Congress won't reach a major stimulus deal amid an economic crisis. ... click to read more

Caroline Flack died by suicide amid fears of prosecution, coroner rules
British TV presenter Caroline Flack died by suicide after hearing she was definitely going to be prosecuted for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend and feared press intrusion, a coroner has ruled, according to PA Media news agency. ... click to read more

A 7-year-old boy in Georgia died of Covid-19, the youngest victim in the state
A 7-year-old African American boy has died of Covid-19 in Georgia, the youngest victim of the virus in the state, according to data compiled by the state health department. ... click to read more

FBI helping in search for Georgia woman whose toddler was found alone in Florida
The FBI is now involved in the case of a missing Georgia woman whose toddler was found barefoot, wandering alone in a Florida city almost two weeks ago. ... click to read more

'I'm sick of this crap': SE Cupp blasts Trump's first term
In this week's edition of 'Unfiltered from Home,' host SE Cupp discusses presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's pick for vice president, which has yet to be announced. ... click to read more

Saudi Crown Prince is accused of sending assassins to Canada to kill ex-Saudi official
A former top Saudi intelligence official who fell out with the Saudi Crown Prince is alleging that an assassination squad traveled from Saudi Arabia to Canada to try to kill him just days after journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered by members of the same group, according to a new legal complaint ... click to read more

Louisiana Supreme Court upholds Black man's life sentence for stealing 20 years ago
A Black Louisiana man will spend the rest of his life in prison for stealing hedge clippers, after the Louisiana Supreme Court denied his request to have his sentence overturned last week. ... click to read more

This rally is expecting 250,000 people. Masks aren't required
Sturgis, South Dakota, Mayor Mark Carstensen talks with CNN's John Berman about the city's upcoming motorcycle rally that expects more than a quarter of a million people to show up, during the coronavirus pandemic. ... click to read more

Couple standing less than 600 meters from blast site survives Beirut explosion
The glass and debris from Tuesday's explosion in Beirut injured Imad Khalil and Lina Alameh, but both say they are lucky to be alive. ... click to read more

Student featured in Netflix documentary on sexual assault dies by suicide
Daisy Coleman, whose allegation of sexual assault and ensuing harassment was chronicled in the Netflix documentary "Audrie and Daisy," died by suicide on Tuesday, her mother confirmed on Facebook. She was 23. ... click to read more

Michael Phelps says this helped him cope with the pandemic
Michael Phelps, the 23-time Olympic gold medalist, tells CNN's Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta that keeping a routine and exercising every day has made all the difference in how he copes with the coronavirus pandemic. ... click to read more

Hasbro removing doll over complaints of an inappropriately placed button
Hasbro says it is pulling a Trolls doll from store shelves after a petition with over 150,000 signatures accused the toymaker of promoting child abuse by placing a button on the doll's "private area under her skirt." ... click to read more

Woman attacks another after she is asked to put on mask
A woman has been charged with aggravated assault for allegedly attacking another woman after she asked her to properly wear a face mask at a New Jersey Staples store, police said. ... click to read more

Alicia Keys' new brand is 'not another celebrity beauty line'
Singer-songwriter and producer Alicia Keys, who has previously been vocal about her decision not to wear makeup, is teaming up with e.l.f. Beauty to launch a new "lifestyle beauty brand." ... click to read more

E! News is canceled after 29 years on air
Here's another casualty of Covid-19: E! News ... click to read more

Posing tourist breaks 200-year-old statue
Surveillance footage from a museum in Italy shows a tourist sitting on a 200-year old statue and breaking three of its toes off. ... click to read more

Scientists have unraveled the riddle of a real-life sea monster
For more than a hundred years, the fossil of the Tanystropheus has puzzled scientists. ... click to read more

When a nearly 12-foot alligator came toward his 4-year-old, this dad sprung into action
Andrew Grande didn't hesitate before jumping into action when he saw a massive alligator making its way to his 4-year-old daughter. ... click to read more

Cameron Diaz reveals why she quit acting
Former Hollywood star Cameron Diaz has revealed her reasons for retiring from the movie business, saying she found "peace" when she quit acting. ... click to read more

Alyssa Milano thought she was dying and tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies
Alyssa Milano says she has tested positive for coronavirus antibodies after having tested negative for Covid-19. ... click to read more

Alyssa Milano: I don't know what to do in Covid-19 recovery
Alyssa Milano says she tested positive for coronavirus antibodies after having tested negative for Covid-19. The actress and activist joined CNN's Chris Cuomo to discuss her experience with infectious disease expert Dr. William Schaffner. ... click to read more

FBI searched home of YouTube celebrity Jake Paul
A law enforcement official confirms to CNN that FBI agents executed a federal search warrant at the Calabasas, California, home of YouTube celebrity Jake Paul Wednesday. ... click to read more

Zoe Saldana apologizes for playing Nina Simone in panned 2016 biopic
Actress Zoe Saldana has apologized for playing Nina Simone in a 2016 biopic, four years after she was heavily criticized for darkening her skin and wearing a prosthetic nose for the role. ... click to read more

Aimée Osbourne doesn't regret not appearing on 'The Osbournes'
"The Osbournes" made her siblings famous, but Aimée Osbourne now says she always knew she had no desire to appear on the hit MTV reality show. ... click to read more

New Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are clear winners in many ways
... click to read more

Shop Amazon's Big Summer Sale Event now
... click to read more

Going back to the office? Here's what to buy
... click to read more

Here are the highlights of the new 27-inch iMac
... click to read more

10 of the best breathable face masks for exercising
... click to read more

Three journalists of color resign from Bon Appétit's Test Kitchen videos
Three Bon Appétit journalists of color said Thursday they will no longer participate in the Condé Nast-owned food brand's popular video series. ... click to read more

George W. Bush to release 43 portraits of immigrants in new book
Former President George W. Bush will release a book of 43 portraits of immigrants in conjunction with an exhibition on the value of American immigration at the George W. Bush Presidential Center that will feature the paintings. ... click to read more

Why Trump can't let Greenland go
Last year, President Trump reportedly floated the idea of buying Greenland from Denmark, even after he was told it was not for sale. This summer on a trip to Denmark, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was asked again about the President's interest in buying Greenland -- and Pompeo did not shut it down... click to read more

Prehistoric 'hell ants' hunted their prey with unusual headgear
Sometime during the Cretaceous period, 99 million years ago, a prehistoric hell ant trapped a tasty treat -- a relative of the cockroach -- in its scythe-like jaw and protruding horn. ... click to read more

Manhattan apartment sales plunge while the suburbs boom
Pending sales for apartments in Manhattan plunged by more than half last month, while deals for homes in the New York suburbs surged. ... click to read more

LEGO is launching braille bricks for students across the US
LEGO is launching a line of braille bricks. ... click to read more

Instagram's algorithm blocked negative coverage of Trump, but not Biden
A bug in Instagram's algorithm systemically shielded Donald Trump from negative hashtags without doing the same for rival Joe Biden, the company confirmed. ... click to read more

Susan Rice is the VP Biden needs
Joe Biden has a high-class problem. He has a short list of highly qualified women, who would all serve as excellent running mates. ... click to read more

Sen. Durbin: The only way to protect voting
Last week, John Lewis took his final leave of the US Capitol. He is home, after a long and noble life of service. John deeply believed that the right to vote was "almost sacred." He risked his life in Selma, Alabama, Nashville, Tennessee, and so many other places to protect the right of every Ameri... click to read more

Kanye's 'campaign' will help Trump
We need to talk about Kanye. ... click to read more

Why grocery store workers deserve hazard pay
Our country is hurting. People are losing their jobs, parents are struggling to keep a roof over their kids' heads and Americans are getting sick and dying in record numbers. The pain and suffering is often too much to bear. As this crisis continues, we must remember all of the frontline workers wh... click to read more

Using one word in church could change everything
People keep asking of the ongoing wave of racial reckoning, "Is this moment different?" No wonder. Daily, public actions against racism across the nation haven't ceased -- even in small cities like mine in Iowa, one of the Whitest states in the nation. ... click to read more

What Pete Hamill brought to journalism
First, last and always, Pete Hamill, was a newspaperman from the old school -- happily at home in a newsroom roaring with profanity, poetry, punishing deadlines and quirky personalities. He dropped out of high school, worked in the Brooklyn Navy Yard as a sheet metal worker, did a tour in the Navy ... click to read more

Axios interview reveals outrage of Trump's admin
President Donald Trump's interview with the Axios reporter Jonathan Swan, published this week, was an abject disaster -- not for Swan, who was admirably dogged and professional, but for the incoherent, appallingly ignorant President of the United States, and for all of us who live in the country he... click to read more

Refi rates at 2.47% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?
... click to read more

Pay 0% interest until 2021 with a better card
... click to read more

5 stocks under $49 could be worth $2.2T
... click to read more

The latest sign of Covid-19-related racism in England
Coronavirus conspiracy theorists have spread baseless rumors online -- frequently targeting minorities -- since the beginning of the pandemic. In England the latest wave of vitriol criticizes Muslims, blaming them for spreading Covid-19. ... click to read more

'It was a massacre.' Hear witnesses describe deadly Beirut blast
A massive explosion rocked Lebanon's capital city on August 4, leaving scores of people dead and thousands wounded. Locals recount the scary moments of the blast. ... click to read more

He spent 27 years in prison for murdering two children. Now a Chinese court has found him not guilty
A Chinese man convicted of murdering two children has had his conviction overturned after serving 27 years in prison, in what has been described as one of the longest-serving miscarriages of justice in recent Chinese history. ... click to read more

When movies need an alien planet, they shoot here
Ancient tales of trolls and magic live on in Iceland, an island nation of volcanoes, lava fields, glaciers and ice caves. ... click to read more

How Ethiopian art secured its spot on the world's stage
Over the last five years contemporary Ethiopian artists have been making a name for themselves on the global art market, but it's been a long time coming. ... click to read more

Virginia mayor urged to resign after allegedly saying Joe Biden picked 'Aunt Jemima' as his VP
Backlash in a small Virginia town was swift after a racist and sexist post showed up on the mayor's Facebook page. ... click to read more

25 named storms have never been forecast for a hurricane season, until now
The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season will be "extremely active," the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday in its revised forecast. ... click to read more

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