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CNN Top Stories
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January 26, 2023

Law enforcement agencies nationwide are bracing for potential unrest with the release of footage showing the 29-year-old's arrest, sources tell CNN
• A timeline of the investigations into Nichols' death after a traffic stop • Nichols was a 'good kid' who enjoyed skateboarding and photography, his family says... click to read more

5 ex-officers charged with murder in the death of Tyre Nichols
... click to read more

What we know about what led to Nichols' death
It's been almost three weeks since a traffic stop in Memphis led to a violent arrest and, three days later, the death of the 29-year-old Black driver.... click to read more

Officers are getting same charges. Here's why that's significant
Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy says that the five former Memphis police officers involved in the arrest of Tyre Nichols, who died following a traffic stop, are all responsible for his death. CNN Legal Analyst Joey Jackson explains the significance of the charges against the officers.... click to read more

Nichols' family attorney says video shows police beating Nichols like a 'human pinata'
Attorneys for the family of Tyre Nichols, a Black man who died after a traffic stop in Memphis, Tennessee, said video footage shows he suffered a "nonstop beating" at the hands of police. ... click to read more

Officers' attorneys respond to official's strong reaction to video
During a press conference, CNN's Sara Sidner asks Blake Ballin, attorney for former Memphis police officer Desmond Mills Jr., and William Massey, attorney for former Memphis police officer Emmitt Martin, about the director of the TBI condemning the violent arrest and subsequent death of Tyre Nichol... click to read more

Tyre Nichols was looking for a fresh start in Memphis. His life was cut short after his violent arrest
Tyre Nichols was a father, a man who loved his mama and a free-spirited soul who was looking for a new life in Memphis, Tennessee.... click to read more

US will send the more modern and lethal version of Abrams tank to Ukraine, Pentagon says
• Zelensky calls for more Western weapons after latest Russian missile strikes • Analysis: What it would take for Western nations to send Ukraine fighter jets • Opinion: Why tanks will be decisive in the next battle for Ukraine... click to read more

Bed Bath & Beyond says it can no longer pay its debts
• Analysis: Swimming in cash, Chevron plans a $75 billion slap in the face to drivers • Media bloodbath continues, as the publisher of People and InStyle slashes 7% of staff... click to read more

Cowboys coach pushes cameraman. Shiffrin makes skiing history. The week in 33 photos
Eleven people were killed and nine were injured when a gunman opened fire inside a dance studio in Monterey Park, California, on Saturday, January 21.... click to read more

Asteroid discovered days ago will make one of the closest passes of planet Earth ever recorded tonight
An asteroid the size of a box truck is about to make one of the closest passes of planet Earth ever recorded. ... click to read more

Earth's inner core may have stopped turning and could reverse, study suggests
The rotation of Earth's inner core may have paused and it could even go into reverse. Professor of theoretical physics, Michio Kaku, explains the new discovery with "CNN This Morning."... click to read more

Britney Spears asks fans to respect her privacy after 'prank phone calls' prompted wellness check
Britney Spears has asked her fans to respect her privacy after she says "prank phone calls" prompted a wellness check from police earlier this week. ... click to read more

Taylor Swift teases release of 'Lavender Haze' music video
Taylor Swift has us floating on a cloud of "Lavender Haze." ... click to read more

4-foot-long sea creature washes up on Texas beach, shocks researcher
A marine researcher found a 'rare,' 4-foot-long American eel washed up in Texas while surveying a beach.... click to read more

John Mayer is hitting the road for his first acoustic tour
John Mayer has announced a first-ever solo acoustic tour. ... click to read more

Chelsea Handler says she 'didn't know' she was on Ozempic
There's a great deal of conversation recently about celebrities using Type 2 diabetes medication Ozempic for weight loss.... click to read more

Diva bear takes 400 selfies on wildlife cam
A Colorado bear bares all in 400 bear "selfies." CNN's Jeanne Moos explains how it strikes a pose.... click to read more

NYC bike path terror suspect found guilty on all counts in killing of 8 people
Sayfullo Saipov was found guilty of murder by a federal jury for using a rented truck to fatally strike eight people on a New York City bike path on Halloween Day in 2017.... click to read more

FDA halts authorization of Covid-19 treatment, says it has limited effectiveness against new variants
The US Food and Drug Administration on Thursday halted the emergency use authorization of Evusheld because it does not appear to protect against Covid-19 from viral variants currently circulating in the United States.... click to read more

'This is outrageous': Don Lemon reacts to Florida book law
Efforts are underway in Florida counties to comply with a law championed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis that requires the approval of books in classroom libraries leaving some teachers feeling fearful and confused. ... click to read more

Razor blades found on gas pumps in 'disturbing incident' in North Carolina town
The Forest City Police Department in North Carolina has issued an advisory after multiple razor blades were found on gas pump handles.... click to read more

Dashcam video shows woman rescued from abduction after police chase
The Sheriff's office in Columbia County, Wisconsin, released footage capturing the dramatic rescue of a woman who was sleeping in her car at a rest stop when a stranger got in and drove off with her in the back seat. CNN affiliate WMTV has more. ... click to read more

She was drawn to this town because of an encounter she couldn't explain. So she spent 20 years documenting seánces there
Though photographer Shannon Taggart grew up only an hour from Lily Dale, New York, the lakeside hamlet where people congregate to commune with the dead, she didn't visit until she was 26 years old. She was interested in documenting the quaint cottage town, which first formed as a summer retreat for... click to read more

Biden called man who disarmed Monterey Park shooting suspect to thank him for act of bravery
President Joe Biden called 26-year-old Brandon Tsay to thank the California man for disarming the Monterey Park shooting suspect over the weekend.... click to read more

See Santos' tense exchange with CNN reporter over campaign funds
The campaign of embattled Rep. George Santos (R-NY) filed updated reports with federal regulators that appear to raise fresh questions about the source of the substantial personal loans he said he made to his campaign. CNN's Jessica Dean has the details.... click to read more

US military operation kills ISIS leader in Somalia
A US military operation killed a senior ISIS leader and 10 members of the terror group in northern Somalia on Wednesday, two senior Biden administration officials said on Thursday.... click to read more

Elon Musk meets with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Hakeem Jeffries
Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is meeting with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy at the US Capitol in Washington on Thursday evening, according to two sources familiar with the meeting.... click to read more

Kavanaugh calls US News law school rankings 'highly problematic'
Justice Brett Kavanaugh said this week that he is "optimistic" about the court, his colleagues, and the country in the first-known public comments any justice has made off the bench since the release of an investigative report into the leak of a draft opinion reversing Roe v. Wade.... click to read more

California bar unveils disciplinary charges against Trump lawyer John Eastman
The State Bar of California unveiled new disciplinary charges against John Eastman for his involvement in former President Donald Trump's efforts to subvert the 2020 election results.... click to read more

Opinion: Maryland governor's genius move
Traveling across the country in recent years, I discovered a sure way to fire up an audience: issue a call to young people for a year of service to others. ... click to read more

Why Facebook return is important for Trump
Meta has decided to reinstate former President Donald Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts. The decision comes after Trump was banned from the platform following the insurrection on January 6th, 2021.... click to read more

Attorney General Merrick Garland faces a difficult choice: whether to appoint a Pence special counsel
The discovery of classified documents at former Vice President Mike Pence's home immediately raised questions at the Justice Department about whether yet another special counsel investigation was in the offing. For now, the department's course isn't clear, people briefed on internal deliberations s... click to read more

Jan. 6 Committee failed to hold social media companies to account for their role in the Capitol attack, staffers and witnesses say
"There might be someone getting shot tomorrow." ... click to read more

Podcast: Do we need to go back to the theater? Audie Cornish asks if streaming is bad for the movies
... click to read more

Oscar-nominated documentary chronicles the fight to purge one family's name from the art world
The campaign by American photographer Nan Goldin to shame galleries and museums into cutting ties with the Sackler families, the owners of OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma, was always under a lens — that was part of its point. Beginning in 2018, a number of noisy protests at some of the art wor... click to read more

Opinion: Why 'Pinocchio' is devastating
The 2023 Oscar nominations are in, and movie fans are appraising the list with their usual zeal. For every exaltation over "Everything Everywhere All At Once," there's a sigh of dismay over Viola Davis' best actress snub, the erasure of "Till" and "Decision to Leave," and the all-male best director... click to read more

Riley Keough sings her heart out in new 'Daisy Jones & The Six' teaser
The first official teaser trailer for "Daisy Jones & The Six" has dropped, along with the fictional band's first single and tracklist from the upcoming Amazon series. ... click to read more

'Succession' Season 4 trailer teases the Roy siblings vs. the world
"Succession," the king of prestige TV, is returning this March -- its acid-tongued dialogue, family infighting and meme-worthy moments intact. ... click to read more

'This has been tugging on me for 29 years': Adam Scott gets closure on perceived 'Boy Meets World' snub
Well, that's awkward. ... click to read more

Paris show sends models with surreal gowns down runway
Paris Haute Couture Week is in full swing with dramatic runway shows and surreal, lavish looks worn by front-row A-Listers — with an unrecognizable, red-crystal-covered Doja Cat lighting up the internet earlier this week. On Wednesday, the label Viktor & Rolf (literally) turned fashion-upside down.... click to read more

Watch: Man engages in gunfight with police helicopter
A man in Detroit fired at a police helicopter and was later killed by police. ... click to read more

How a soccer great is stamping out 'age cheating'
It's been a problem for the ages but Cameroonian soccer great Samuel Eto'o appears determined to stamp it out.... click to read more

The Elon Musk mystique is fading and this teacher says don't ban ChatGPT
CNN's Allison Morrow tells "Nightcap's" Jon Sarlin that Elon Musk's Twitter antics are damaging Tesla's brand. Plus, high school teacher Cherie Shields argues that ChatGPT is an excellent teaching tool and schools are making a mistake if they ban the AI technology. To get the day's business headlin... click to read more

ChatGPT passes exam at Ivy League business school
• Watch: Congressman gives speech using ChatGPT • Plagued with errors: A news outlet's decision to write stories with AI backfires • Opinion: Is no career safe anymore?... click to read more

Buying a home is now more affordable than renting in these five cities
Even as rents continue to climb across the country, renting is still cheaper than monthly payments for a purchased home in 45 of the 50 largest US cities in December, according to a report from Realtor.com. Renting costs nearly $800 less per month than buying, on average. ... click to read more

We finally know whom FTX owes money to
Newly unsealed bankruptcy documents revealed thousands of creditors to whom FTX owes money after the once-mighty crypto exchange collapsed in November.... click to read more

The Samsung Frame TV is majorly discounted right now
... click to read more

28 Amazon products our readers were obsessed with in 2022
... click to read more

The best shower heads of 2023 will elevate your morning routine
... click to read more

Own a Steam Deck? These are the 10 accessories you need
... click to read more

How I booked my $18,584 honeymoon business-class flights for less than $200
... click to read more

What is 'slugging' and how to do it, according to dermatologists
... click to read more

We tried the Ergonofis Sway — a solid wood standing desk that'll make your home office more functional and more luxurious
... click to read more

Earn a best-ever 175,000 bonus points with this IHG credit card
... click to read more

These are the 9 best credit cards of 2023
... click to read more

Get up to 40% off at Amazon with your American Express card
... click to read more

Your guide to earning and redeeming miles in the Capital One miles program
... click to read more

Protect your cell phone from theft or damage with these credit cards
... click to read more

Drones tell a story of two wars
To understand Russia and Ukraine's very different ways of fighting, a good first place to look is up. ... click to read more

McCarthy's committee vengeance poses grave risk
With the war in Ukraine growing more tense by the day, and the United States playing a pivotal role in preventing Russia from succeeding in its efforts to win an unprovoked war, one might be excused for thinking the new leadership in the US House of Representatives would restrain its impulses to po... click to read more

The first major blow to Biden's 'regular Joe' image
President Joe Biden, who has struggled for weeks to contain the fallout surrounding the discovery of classified documents at his home and former office, must have sighed with relief when former Vice President Mike Pence announced classified documents were also found at his home in Indiana. ... click to read more

Santos' drag days are an asinine smokescreen
In the past month, the media circus surrounding US Rep. George Santos, elected last November to Congress to represent a district in northeastern Queens and part of Long Island's Nassau County, has dragged an increasingly-stunned American public through an ever-disentangling web of lies and intrigue... click to read more

The problem with right-wing approach to 'parents' rights'
Some of the most contentious debates in American education -- among them what kinds of stories are (and are not) allowed in the classroom, how teachers should teach US history and navigate LGBTQ issues (when there are states that seek to bar them from discussion) -- have led to the resurgence of ta... click to read more

What Trump could weaponize to win in 2024
In the latest episode of "Unfiltered," SE Cupp argues that infighting inside Trump world, at the RNC and in the Republican House will only be good for former President Donald Trump, who can weaponize it to further his 2024 prospects.... click to read more

Stop displaying human bodies in museums
Mummies tend to spark feelings of the uncanny because they hover on an uncomfortable line between living and dead, between human and object. ... click to read more

True crime sells, but fans are debating the ethics of their passion
For some people, relaxation looks like settling down with a nice glass of wine and the most graphic, disturbing tale of murder imaginable. ... click to read more

'Teen Wolf: The Movie' and 'Wolf Pack' pack a pretty toothless one-two punch
There aren't many teen wolves in "Teen Wolf: The Movie," but there is a pack of them in "Wolf Pack," the series premiering the same day, from the same producer and on the same streaming service that is definitely not a spinoff of "Teen Wolf," but rather adapted from a book series. If that sounds co... click to read more

Review: In 'Poker Face,' Rian Johnson and Natasha Lyonne deal up a small-stakes TV mystery
Designed as a modern spin on an old formula, "Poker Face" represents another point of entry into TV detective shows, teaming Natasha Lyonne with "Knives Out" writer-producer Rian Johnson. Breezy but thin, it's mildly fun but not quite a winning hand, defined as much by its guest stars as Lyonne in ... click to read more


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