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CNN Top Stories
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August 8, 2020

Actions to be announced today are expected to include a payroll tax deferment and extensions of unemployment benefits and an eviction moratorium
President Donald Trump will sign executive orders on Saturday after stimulus discussions broke down this week on Capitol Hill, two senior White House officials told CNN. ... click to read more

Analysis: Out-of-work Americans are feeling the pain
Talks for a new stimulus are on ice, out-of-work Americans are looking at smaller unemployment benefits and the threat of eviction, but Washington feels more broken than ever. ... click to read more

Back at work but unable to pay bills: Reality of the jobs rebound
Sarah Thomas is back at her job, but she's no longer earning enough to pay her bills. ... click to read more

Stimulus talks break down on Capitol Hill as negotiators walk away without a deal
Negotiations over the next stimulus package intended to bolster the economy and help struggling Americans pay their bills have stalled on Capitol Hill with Democrats and Trump administration officials walking away after talks broke down on Friday and devolved into partisan finger-pointing. ... click to read more

Teacher anxious over return to work interrupts governor. See his reaction
Minnesota Governor Tim Walz was being introduced at a press conference when a teacher interrupted to ask if he would talk with her. ... click to read more

Fact Check: At his golf club, Trump nonsensically accuses Democrats of election 'cheating'
President Donald Trump turned a hastily scheduled Friday night "news conference" at his New Jersey golf club into a surreal kind of campaign rally -- uttering the usual boasts and false claims, except with polo-clad club members standing at the back of the room. ... click to read more

Wisconsin sets daily record with 1,165 coronavirus cases
... click to read more

Beirut erupts in violent protests days after explosion rips through city
Lebanese security forces have fired several rounds of tear gas at anti-government protesters who are on the streets of central Beirut demanding accountability after Tuesday's blast which ripped through the city. ... click to read more

Democratic House candidate in Massachusetts apologizes after being accused of inappropriate behavior
A Democratic candidate for US House in Massachusetts has apologized after three college groups accused him of using his position of power to pursue romantic or sexual relationships with students. ... click to read more

Reporter booed at Trump press conference after asking about masks
A reporter was booed by attendees at President Trump's news conference at his Bedminster golf club when Trump was asked why people in the room were not following New Jersey's coronavirus guidelines. ... click to read more

Joe Arpaio loses Republican primary for sheriff to his former chief deputy
Joe Arpaio, the former Arizona sheriff known for his controversial hardline tactics against undocumented immigrants, lost his bid to win back his former position in Maricopa County. ... click to read more

Officer watching Floyd's death: I felt the same agony you felt
Las Vegas Police Captain Dori Koren shares how his unit is fighting to gain public trust after George Floyd's death. ... click to read more

Americans are moving around too much and taking coronavirus with them, expert says
Covid-19 precautions need to stay consistent -- whether or not the numbers are coming down -- because the more Americans move around the more the virus does too, a health expert said. ... click to read more

Why do some people get the virus but don't feel sick? Dr. Sanjay Gupta answers kids' Covid-19 questions
CNN has received countless questions from parents and children around the country about the deadly coronavirus pandemic. As a father of three, Dr. Sanjay Gupta knows how important it is to talk to your kids about this virus and all the changes it brings. Each week, he tries to answers as many of th... click to read more

Maggie Haberman: The optics of this announcement are not great
CNN's Maggie Haberman questions the optics of President Donald Trump speaking about a stimulus plan while at an exclusive golf club and warns the move could backfire if he doesn't follow through on his threat of executive action to help Americans hit economically by the coronavirus. ... click to read more

This is what happens when the liberal WNBA and a Republican senator collide
The WNBA took the political center stage this week. Players from the Atlanta Dream wore shirts endorsing a political opponent (Raphael Warnock) of team co-owner and Georgia Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler. Loeffler had been critical of Black Lives Matter; many of the players endorse the movement. ... click to read more

Opinion: Be careful what you wish for, Mr. President
On Wednesday, the Trump campaign sent a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates asking for an earlier match-up to be added to the fall schedule. ... click to read more

'Stunning': Dr. Gupta reacts to video at Trump's club
A crowd of people at President Trump's country club in Bedminster, New Jersey, gathered to hear his speech. Many people in the audience were not wearing masks despite masks being required in the state of New Jersey. ... click to read more

Analysis: As Democrats allege USPS 'sabotage,' a conspiracy theory in the making
Democrats are accusing the Trump administration of sabotaging the nation's mail system as voters gear up to cast mail-in ballots during the coronavirus pandemic. ... click to read more

Washington Post: Mnuchin and Navarro feuded over TikTok in front of Trump
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House trade adviser Peter Navarro fought in the Oval Office a week ago over whether the Chinese-owned video-sharing service TikTok should be sold to a US company or banned in the US, The Washington Post reported. ... click to read more

Remains recovered from Hard Rock hotel almost 10 months after collapse
The remains of a construction worker have been recovered from the collapsed Hard Rock hotel in New Orleans, Mayor LaToya Cantrell said Saturday, 10 months after the disaster. ... click to read more

Inside the federal prison where three out of every four inmates have tested positive for coronavirus
When James Giannetta first called his brother Russ in late June to tell him that the coronavirus was beginning to spread in his Texas federal prison, Russ could hear the fear in his voice. "This place is exploding," James warned. ... click to read more

Smerconish presses Trump campaign on election fraud claims
CNN's Michael Smerconish presses Trump campaign national press secretary Hogan Gidley, saying President Donald Trump has an obligation to tell Americans that a delay in vote counting caused by the pandemic does not equal fraud. ... click to read more

What not to do in a bear attack? Push your slower friends down in attempts of saving yourself, says the National Park Service
If you're being confronted by a bear, there's a few things you should know before running away. ... click to read more

Wendy's is eating McDonald's breakfast
On March 2, Wendy's finally launched its highly anticipated breakfast menu nationwide. Then, two weeks later, the morning commute basically collapsed because of lockdown measures encouraging people to work from home. ... click to read more

A man who was sentenced to life in prison for selling $30 of marijuana will be freed
A military veteran serving a life sentence for selling less than $30 worth of marijuana will soon be released from prison, his attorney said. ... click to read more

What a WeChat ban would mean for Americans
For Zhang Lianping, a 72-year-old retired small business owner in College Park, Maryland, WeChat is a lifeline for staying in touch with relatives, old classmates and friends spread across Beijing, Shandong and Liaoning provinces in China. ... click to read more

Actor turned Instagram star shares baby photos with Anderson Cooper
CNN's Anderson Cooper asks actor Leslie Jordan about his baby photos that he's been posting online during quarantine. Watch Full Circle every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 6pm ET. ... click to read more

NASA drops racially insensitive nicknames of celestial bodies
Grocery store items, pro sports teams, and country music bands have all removed racially insensitive names. ... click to read more

Father saves kids from huge alligator
Andrew Grande, a Texas father, saved his kids from an approximately 12-foot alligator looming in a canal they were near. ... click to read more

Woman attacks another after she is asked to put on mask
A woman has been charged with aggravated assault for allegedly attacking another woman after she asked her to properly wear a face mask at a New Jersey Staples store, police said. ... click to read more

This police dog found a missing mom and her baby during its first shift on the force
A missing mother and her 1-year-old baby were found after a very good boy named Max discovered them on the edge of a ravine. ... click to read more

When this dad saw a 12-foot alligator he sprung into action to save his 4-year-old
Andrew Grande didn't hesitate before jumping into action when he saw a massive alligator making its way to his 4-year-old daughter. ... click to read more

A 8-year-old boy is mowing lawns for busy first responders and single moms -- and feeding the hungry
A young boy in Conway, South Carolina, is making a big difference in his community, one act of kindness at a time. ... click to read more

A Seattle artist draws portraits of refugees to illustrate the struggles of immigrating to America
When Aimee Ingabire stepped off the plane with her mother, taking her first steps on American soil after a 32-hour journey from the Republic of Congo, she knew her life had changed forever. ... click to read more

Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders and John Kasich expected to join forces for first night of Democratic convention
The first night of the Democratic National Convention is currently expected to bring a message of unity featuring Democratic Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, former first lady Michelle Obama and former Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich, according to a source who has seen current convention plans. ... click to read more

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer met with Biden to discuss VP job, sources say
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has met with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, making her one of the handful of vice presidential finalists to meet with Biden. ... click to read more

History professor who's predicted every president since 1984 reveals his 2020 pick
History professor Allan Lichtman is used to being right. ... click to read more

News quiz: What do you remember from the week that was?
... click to read more

Actor's hilarious quarantine videos take internet by storm
CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to actor Leslie Jordan about his life during the coronavirus pandemic in a new segment called "You and Your Quarantine." Watch Full Circle every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 6pm ET. ... click to read more

Why Michelle Obama opening up about depression is a big deal for Black women
Michelle Obama recently revealed that because of the pandemic and racial injustice in the US, she has been experiencing low-grade depression. ... click to read more

The best liquid eyeliners of 2020
Is there any better feeling than nailing the perfect cat-eye on your first attempt and confidently sauntering through the day, knowing that it'll still be intact the next time you pass a mirror? (Well, probably — but it's pretty up there, is what we're saying.) ... click to read more

Instacart went on a hiring spree. These workers got squeezed
After Kenneth Bloom retired from a career in the grocery business, he didn't stray far. The 61-year-old focused on delivering groceries for Instacart, a role he'd been doing as a side-gig before retirement. The work gave him more flexibility, a source of income to supplement his pension, and the ch... click to read more

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway earnings jumped 87% as it recovers from the pandemic
Berkshire Hathaway is recovering from a rough start to a year in which it was hard hit by the coronavirus. Its second quarter earnings, released Saturday morning, were up almost 87% from last year, and a big turnaround from its huge first quarter loss. ... click to read more

These unknown brands took over store shelves while Purell and Clorox disappeared
Walk into any drug store, grocery chain or market today, and you'll be hit with a wall of hand sanitizers and cleaning products that help fight against the coronavirus — but most have names that are unfamiliar to the average shopper. ... click to read more

GM unveils its first fully-electric Cadillac SUV
In a major bid to compete with Tesla and other electric vehicle makers, General Motors unveiled the Cadillac Lyriq electric SUV Thursday night. The Lyriq is the first fully-electric Cadillac introduced by GM, which is preparing to unveil a whole new lineup of electric cars, trucks and SUVs. ... click to read more

What Cameron Diaz doesn't have to explain
In an interview this week with Gwyneth Paltrow, the actress Cameron Diaz discussed her decision to quit acting, offering reasons that focused on bettering her quality of life. "I had gone so hard for so long," she told Paltrow in an episode of "In goop Health: The Sessions" series, and mentioned 12... click to read more

Trump's twisted mail-in ballot reversal in Florida
"Florida Man" has become a well-known Internet meme in recent years after Twitter users highlighted the bizarre news stories that seem to emerge frequently from the Sunshine State. Recent headlines include: "Florida man jumps onto hood of truck, holds on for 9 miles," "Florida man kills Burger King... click to read more

Michelle Obama and Melinda Gates: What worries us
Today should have been a school day for 15-year-old Fortunate Ayomirwoth. But for the past five months, her school has been closed. Fortunate now spends her days at home in a small suburb of Kampala, Uganda, doing chores, caring for her four younger siblings, and hoping there will be enough food to... click to read more

The cold, hard truth about returning to school
In the next few weeks, public schools in the US will embark on a grand experiment, balancing the safety of 51 million students with their academic, social and emotional needs. The coronavirus pandemic forced schools across the country to switch to remote learning this spring. Now administrators and... click to read more

Loudest opponents of women's vote were...women
On a Friday afternoon in April 1909, a group gathered in lower Manhattan to debate women's right to vote (a right extended at that time only to women in select Western states, except for a few others that allowed women to vote in school-related elections). ... click to read more

The mystery of Dr. Birx
As the Covid-19 debacle continues to worsen, Dr. Deborah Birx, who entered the scene in March as Corona Task Force Chair Vice President Mike Pence's "right arm," has emerged as a new person to blame. ... click to read more

Refi rates at 2.47% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?
... click to read more

Pay 0% interest until 2021 with a better card
... click to read more

5 stocks under $49 could be worth $2.2T
... click to read more

4 children identified among Air India Express plane crash casualties
Four children have been identified among the 16 passengers who died when an Air India Express flight crashed Friday in the southern Indian state of Kerala, an official said. ... click to read more

1,700 court dates, 35 years, 1 murder
... click to read more

Trump steps back from involving himself in Libya's bloody civil war
As several countries come to the aid of warring factions in Libya, President Donald Trump has found himself caught in the middle of a group of strongmen he's forged close ties with during his presidency, prompting him to stay out of the fray and let them fend for themselves. ... click to read more

Plane aborted first landing before skidding off runway, killing at least 17
An Air India Express plane crashed in the South Indian state of Kerala after skidding off the runway and breaking into two while landing at Kozhikode Calicut International Airport. ... click to read more

Japan's coronavirus fatigue is fueling defiance in Tokyo, even as the case count rises
• Live updates: Germany records 1,000-plus infections for a third straight day ... click to read more

Riders begin to gather in South Dakota for 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Hundreds of motorcycle riders and enthusiasts are arriving in Sturgis, South Dakota, for the 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally despite objections from a majority of its residents. ... click to read more

Salmonella outbreak linked to onions expands to 43 states
A salmonella outbreak caused by onions is expanding and has infected 640 people from 43 states. At least 85 of them have been hospitalized, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. ... click to read more

Colorado State halts football activities after allegations of racism and verbal abuse
Colorado State University has paused all football-related activities indefinitely, the school's director of athletics said, after learning of racism and verbal abuse allegations from within the Rams' athletic administration and in the football program. ... click to read more

A Denver fire that killed two children and three adults was deliberately set, police say
A house fire that killed three adults and two children in Denver was deliberately set by someone who fled the area, authorities said. ... click to read more

FBI helping in search for Georgia woman whose toddler was found wandering alone in Florida
The FBI is now involved in the case of a missing Georgia woman whose toddler was found barefoot, wandering alone in a Florida city almost two weeks ago. ... click to read more

Kendall Jenner opens the doors to her bohemian LA home
Kendall Jenner may hail from one of America's most lavish celebrity families, but her Los Angeles home is more toned-down than you might expect. ... click to read more

Beyoncé's 'Black Is King' is a feast of fashion and symbolism
There are many quotable lines and lyrics in "Black Is King," Beyoncé's new visual album, which dropped today on Disney+. But two in particular seem especially apt to describe the stylistic feast the artist has created. The first comes three minutes in: "Let Black be synonymous with joy." ... click to read more

China's Three Gorges Dam is one of the largest ever created. Was it worth it?
Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydropower project ever built. ... click to read more

'Indian Matchmaking' presents painful truths about skin color and love
On Netflix's "Indian Matchmaking," marriage consultant Sima Taparia travels the world to meet with hopeful clients and help them find the perfect match for an arranged marriage. ... click to read more

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