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CNN Top Stories
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August 15, 2022

The FBI's search of Mar-a-Lago is shining a light on the system of who has access to Top Secret info
The central question surrounding the FBI's search of Mar-a-Lago last week is the one that remains most unanswered: What documents did former President Donald Trump have and why is the government so intent on getting them back?... click to read more

Opinion: Trump is worried after FBI search -- and he should be
A week of stunning developments for the possible criminal liability of former President Donald Trump and his circle was capped off with this weekend's news that a Trump lawyer had signed a statement this summer saying that all material marked as classified in the former President's possession had b... click to read more

'Pretty much BS': Ex-CIA director refutes Trump's claim about documents
Leon Panetta, who served as Secretary of Defense and CIA director in the Obama administration, refutes a claim by former President Donald Trump's allies that a president can declassify whatever documents they choose.... click to read more

DOJ opposes making public details in Mar-a-Lago search warrant's probable cause affidavit
The Justice Department is opposing the release of details in an affidavit that lays out the argument that investigators made to a federal magistrate judge explaining the probable cause it had to search former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate last week.... click to read more

Experts sound alarm over Mar-a-Lago security
A CNN review of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort raises new concerns over the home being able to meet the standards needed to store classified documents. CNN's Brian Todd reports.... click to read more

Analysis: Republicans pressure Garland as intrigue deepens over search of Trump home
The FBI's stunning search of ex-President Donald Trump's home triggered a legal and political earthquake whose aftershocks are only widening a week on, with key questions that will shape the nation's future still clouded in mystery.... click to read more

Opinion: Once a proud law and order party, the GOP is taking aim at the FBI
Former President Donald Trump's GOP allies in Congress were only too eager to defend their leader after learning last week that the FBI had carried out a court-authorized search of his Mar-a-Lago property in Florida.... click to read more

Hints of a hurricane are showing up in long-range forecast models, but experts call it a 'fantasy storm'
• Study: 'Extreme heat belt' will impact over 100 million Americans in next 30 years •'We thought we were safe': Kentucky disaster shows how US is ill-prepared and under-insured for devastating floods... click to read more

Tesla's 'full self-driving' feature may have finally met its match
• WeWork's former CEO has a new startup, reportedly valued at more than $1 billion • Analysis: The cycling boom goes bust... click to read more

Movie academy apologizes to Sacheen Littlefeather
Sacheen Littlefeather had only 60 seconds to speak at the 1973 Academy Awards. In her brief speech, she refused the Oscar for best actor on behalf of Marlon Brando, faced a mixture of loud boos and cheers, and defended the rights of Native Americans on national TV. ... click to read more

See how DeSantis addressed FBI's Mar-a-Lago search at rally
CNN's Kyung Lah goes inside the first large Republican rally since the FBI searched Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence, where Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) headlined the event.... click to read more

Former fire captain repeatedly walked off the witness stand during testimony over Kobe Bryant crash scene photos
A former Los Angeles County fire captain walked off the witness stand three times during testimony Monday while being questioned about whether he took photos of Kobe Bryant's remains at the 2020 helicopter crash that killed Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and 7 others. ... click to read more

Neurologist convicted of sexual assault, abuse and rape of 6 patients found dead at Rikers Island
A Manhattan neurologist recently convicted of sexual assaulting, abusing and raping six of his patients was found dead at Rikers Island on Monday, authorities said. ... click to read more

Hear why lifelong Democrat switched parties to vote for Liz Cheney
Pat Lauber, who had been registered Democrat for 40 years, explains why she switched parties to become a Republican so she could vote for Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) in the Wyoming Republican primary.... click to read more

Los Angeles DA: A$AP Rocky charged in connection with 2021 shooting incident
Rapper A$AP Rocky was charged Monday with two counts of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, including personally using a firearm, in connection with a shooting last year in California, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.... click to read more

Opinion: Don't shed any tears for Cheney
In another era, Liz Cheney would have been exactly the kind of candidate Republican leaders would champion. She has the voting record, the pedigree, the fortitude, the eloquence and the smarts they might look for in the party's first female presidential nominee.... click to read more

Casualties reported as Wagner base in Luhansk hit by strike
... click to read more

Haberman reveals the message Trump tried sending to Garland
The New York Times' Maggie Haberman explains the message former President Donald Trump sent to the Department of Justice through an intermediary in the wake of the Mar-a-Lago search. ... click to read more

Bryce Dallas Howard says Chris Pratt negotiated for her to get more 'Jurassic' money
In case you were convinced otherwise, Bryce Dallas Howard reports that the gender pay gap is not extinct.... click to read more

Work-from-home benefits and cheap rent. This major city is turning into a magnet for Americans
A growing number of Americans are crossing the southern border and making Mexico their new home. CNN's David Culver takes a look at the cause and effect of Americans settling in Mexico City.... click to read more

Son of the suspect in killings of 2 Muslim men in Albuquerque ordered to remain in custody on a federal charge of making false statements
The son of a man suspected of killing at least two men in a recent spate of killings that terrorized Albuquerque, New Mexico, was ordered Monday to remain in federal custody on a charge tied to his father's case.... click to read more

Elon Musk wants to end traffic. The company he built to do it may not deliver
Elon Musk's Boring Company is building tunnels to avoid bumper-to-bumper traffic. But "New York Magazine's" Alissa Walker tells "Nightcap's" Jon Sarlin the company is Musk's "biggest boondoggle." For more, watch the full Nightcap episode here.... click to read more

Majority of Americans say they're worried about being able to pay for housing
If you are feeling the pinch of higher rents, you're not alone. ... click to read more

A baby hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo just got his official name after a naming contest
What does hippopotamus birth control have to do with naming a baby hippo? CNN's Jeanne Moos explains.... click to read more

American Airlines cuts 31,000 flights from its November schedule
... click to read more

See which airports lead the nation in flight cancellations
CNN's Pete Muntean breaks down new air traffic analysis showing where flight cancellation issues are the worst in the nation. ... click to read more

Opinion: The pilot shortage is about to get a lot worse
The ongoing pilot shortage has already wreaked havoc on summer vacation travel in the United States — and it's only the beginning. With too few pilots to meet demand, the industry is likely to be in store for even higher airfares, more reductions in schedules and routes, and a contraction of the na... click to read more

FAA staffing issues trigger New York flight delays
The Federal Aviation Administration says flights in and out of New York City area airports could be delayed up to two hours Monday night because of a shortage of air traffic controllers.... click to read more

CDC: Gorgeous island nation in Asia now at 'high' travel risk for Covid
The CDC added three new destinations on Monday to its "high" risk list for Covid-19, including an Asian island nation in the Pacific beloved by tourists for its stunning beaches.... click to read more

Podcast: Why being single costs more
... click to read more

Snake walks using 4 robotic legs designed by this YouTuber
YouTuber and engineer Allen Pan built four robotic legs for a snake so it can walk. His video shows how he set about undoing millions of years of evolution to give snakes their legs back.... click to read more

Alexa and a Greek goddess: Here's what the mega moon rocket is about to take to space -- and why
While no human crew will travel aboard NASA's Artemis I mission, that doesn't mean the Orion spacecraft will be empty.... click to read more

How Taiwan's new $220 million arts center radically rethinks theater design
More than a decade since it broke ground, the long-awaited Taipei Performing Arts Center opened to the public in Taiwan's capital last week. After years of construction delays and debates over a budget that has climbed to 6.7 billion New Taiwan dollars ($223 million), attention can finally turn to ... click to read more

'Stranger Things' star enrolls at Purdue
Millie Bobby Brown is enrolled in Purdue University and attending classed online.... click to read more

Spanish firefighters battle dangerous wildfire in Valencia
The wildfire, which started after a thunderstorm, forced 1,000 people from their homes. ... click to read more

Frozen pizza recalled due to metal pieces
About 13,000 pounds of frozen pizza made by Home Run Inn Frozen Food is being recalled because of potential metal contamination.... click to read more

You can finally buy a Dodge Challenger Convertible
You've long been able buy a convertible version of the Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro right off the lot. Now, after 14 years on the market, the modern Dodge Challenger, considered somewhat of a competitor to those two "pony cars," will finally be available as a convertible you can order straight ... click to read more

4moms recalls millions of baby swings and rockers
Millions of baby swings and rockers that pose a risk of asphyxiation or other injuries to infants have been recalled, according to an announcement Monday from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.... click to read more

Analysis: US economy didn't get recession memo
• Another exercise chain spins into trouble • 5 ways being single can cost you more... click to read more

Opinion: Fully remote work could soon vanish
As restaurants, malls and movie theaters fill back up with people, the workplace has remained nearly empty. This is partly driven by how engrained remote work has become in society. People have invested in creating workspaces in their homes, relocated to smaller towns and even taken their work to v... click to read more

Allbirds sales are rare, but you can get 15% off sitewide today at Deals Fest
... click to read more

Windmill is a gorgeous new AC unit for small spaces — and you can score an exclusive discount
... click to read more

Get this trendy Logitech mechanical keyboard and mouse for $20 off with this CNN code
... click to read more

Save $20 on the Yukon 2.0 Fire Pit, or on any Solo purchase over $200 during Deals Fest
... click to read more

The 18 most comfortable sneakers, according to experts
... click to read more

Are you washing your towels often enough? Here's what experts recommend
... click to read more

The 8 best bathroom cleaning products, according to our cleaning expert
... click to read more

From miles to elite status, here's what you should know about American Airlines' AAdvantage program
... click to read more

If you're a side sleeper, we've found 3 great pillows for neck & head support
... click to read more

Is Samsung's massive $3,499 Odyssey Ark gaming monitor worth it? Here are our early impressions
... click to read more

27 office desk organization ideas that will improve the way you work
... click to read more

The new Amazon Fire 7 is a great $60 tablet with some smart upgrades
... click to read more

How a virus seemingly returned from the dead
New York City has detected poliovirus in sewage, according to state and local health officials, suggesting likely local circulation of the virus. This comes as no surprise since last month a case of paralytic polio was confirmed in a resident in Rockland County -- just on the outskirts of the city.... click to read more

I saw the terrifying attack on Salman Rushdie
Friday, August 12, 10:40 a.m. I park my bike in a gravel patch near the Chautauqua Amphitheater, wedging a rock beneath the kickstand so it will not fall. The woman who checks my ticket at the gate is accompanied today by a state trooper and a police dog -- not usual for this rural arts community, ... click to read more

The US has broken this promise over 300 times
The United States of America is a particularly weird name for a country. Most countries have one-word names, made up of only a few syllables. And those names often have thousands of years of history behind them. They come from the language of the people who come from those lands. ... click to read more

Rushdie risked his life for decades. US must stand up against censorship, too
By now most of the world has heard about Friday's vicious attack on Salman Rushdie as he prepared to speak at the Chautauqua Institution in upstate New York. A man jumped onto the stage and stabbed the author in several places, including in the neck and stomach, police said. Rushdie was immediately... click to read more

Texas governor using immigrants as props
For weeks now, migrants have been arriving by the busload in New York City and Washington, sent there by Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, in a cynical ploy that is overwhelming public services in both cities.... click to read more

'Leaving my country was harder than losing my dad'
This time last year, Zarifa Ghafari was about to embark on a terrifying journey to secure her -- and her family's -- lives.... click to read more

Did we miss our chance to contain monkeypox? CNN's Health Reporter explains
... click to read more

After serving in Afghanistan, Jason Kander spent years trying to outrun PTSD
... click to read more

Worried about our warming planet? You might have climate anxiety
... click to read more

Miller High Life makes an ice cream bar that tastes like a dive bar
... click to read more

You can spend a night in an '80s-vintage pabst Blue Ribbon-themed motel room
... click to read more

How to pick the best sports drink, according to an athletic trainer
... click to read more

10 delicious recipes where (almost) anything goes
... click to read more

5 tips for smoking meats for beginners from Rashad Jones, Master of 'Cue
... click to read more

How Iran exploited Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses
Nearly 10 years after he was driven underground, Salman Rushdie believed he was free. The author had been living under heavy security and highest secrecy in London. But in 1998, the Iranian government of President Mohammad Khatami publicly distanced itself from the religious fatwa calling for his m... click to read more

US-led coalition forces repel drone attack near Syria base
US-led coalition forces repelled multiple drones near the US-led coalition At-Tanf base in Syria Monday, according to a press release from the coalition. ... click to read more

Shoppers rush for the exits as Shanghai Ikea goes into lockdown
Panicked shoppers rushed for the exits at an Ikea branch in Shanghai on Saturday after city health authorities ordered the store to lock down after a close contact of a Covid-19 case was traced to the location.... click to read more


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